The Dollshouse

Miss Teen's Room

I was looking for something (can't remember what) in my stash of dolls house stuff when I found this little mirror. I think it was among the things included with number 2 dolls house when I bought it from ebay. Read more

The Bathroom

It's always a pleasure and a relief when I finish a room, not just for the satisfaction of seeing my ideas and work come together, but also because it means I can start the next room! I seem to have been working on the bathroom forever. One of the reasons for it taking so long is because I couldn't decide on the flooring, first it was wood, then I ordered some marble tiles online, but my maths skills are appalling so I didn't order enough and.... I didn't like them! So finally I decided on a sample piece of wallpaper from a DIY store.  Read More

Mr Teen's Room

Although Mr Teen's room was easier to construct than Miss Teen's, it wasn't without a few difficulties. I wanted to create a New York type theme room. My first job was brick textured wallpaper. 

Miss Teen's Room

At last I have finally finished one of the attic rooms which belongs to 16 year old Miss Teen. The main reason it has taken so long is that the rooms at the top of the dollshouse are not strictly 1:12. They start out as 1:12 but get slightly smaller on each floor. As a result it has been difficult finding furniture to fit. I cut the small round feet off the bed to make the scale look better!
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The En-Suite

Hooray, the en-suite is finished! This is such a long post, hope you don't nod off half way through :-) Trouble is by the time I realised it was so long I really didn't want to start over again with a second one so I just kept going!
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Off the shelf dolls houses usually have pre-drilled holes in the ceilings of each room, anything else has to be done the best way possible. Drilling holes in the backs of the rooms is straightforward but I wanted to put downlights in the kitchen and bathroom, not straightforward. A standard size drill just won't fit into a dolls house size room! You can buy small hand drills but I'm not sure how effective they are.

The Halls

Work on the hallways has been painfully slow for two reasons.
Reason #1 My chronic inability to make up my mind!! 
Reason #2 My brain just isn't wired to understand anything remotely to do with maths - equations, angles, calculations.

The Garage Floor

A few months ago whilst browsing in a dolls house shop I saw these real stone tiles and decided that, despite the cost 
(2 boxes = £37), they would be perfect for the garage floor.
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Basement Staircase

After spraying the basement I decided to put an opening in the top of the staircase at the back, leading from the basement to the ground floor. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I also knew it would bug me forever more if I didn't do it. 

More Spraying

Work on my dolls house is usually confined to the winter months, however, I needed warm dry weather to spray paint various parts of it outside. 
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Spraying the Doors and Stairs

Dollshouse No. 2 has been sitting around for months with nothing being done to it because of some alterations I wanted to do. 
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Dolls House No. 2

After doing as much as I could with dolls house number one I thought about selling it and buying another one
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Dolls House No. 1

When I was a little girl I had a dolls house, made by my father. It had four large rooms, hallways and lighting. 
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