31 December 2017

Happy New Year

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year

Polly x 

24 December 2017

22 December 2017

The Dogs' Diary

Santa and a Christmas Pud

Oh dear, we don't know what to say.
A few days ago Polly's daughter went shopping 
and came back with these

Santa and Christmas pud outfits


Just a bit of fun they said

HELP !!!

I won't forget this

Actually they are very well made and comfortable to wear.
We didn't make a fuss and kept them on for about half an hour, 
I think we would have kept them on for longer.
We think they are quite fetching, 
although we wouldn't want to be seen outside wearing them!!

We would like to wish you dear reader a Happy Christmas

Buster & Rufus

20 December 2017

Christmas Tree Festival

Every year a neighbouring village church holds a Christmas tree festival,
and groups from the area are invited to enter. 
There are a huge amount of entries and a huge amount of amazing ideas.

It doesn't have to be a traditional tree or indeed a tree at all, 
this display was a set of decorated shelves in the shape of a tree.

Disney Magic tree

Box Of Years

Santa got stuck up the chimney

The Winter Queen was stunning

Remembrance tree

Family tree

I liked the Shoe tree

my WI group's entry
one of our ladies wrote the words of the hymn on the ribbon which wound around the tree
The rest of us created the hills, the feet, clouds, sheep, bow of burning gold,
 arrows of desire, chariot of fire, sword, and my contribution - the dark satanic mills.

Cuttletrees was the winner voted for by the church committee.
It was a clever idea, a trio of trees made with forks and tiny lights threaded through them, 
it wouldn't have been my choice though, too severe and sterile for my liking.
The visiting public  then vote for their favourite.
I can't remember which one is was but it wasn't ours.

this was my favourite
The Spiral tree
it isn't shown in the best light though
it was a pretty spiral of greenery, cones, balls of string covered in fake snow, 
white and silver baubles and sparkly lights.

Treefold made out of folded paper was lovely.

The Library tree was clever

Covered with picture clues to book titles

I didn't win the raffle
but we did have a lovely time enjoying the trees and the craft fair nearby.

Hope you have enjoyed just a few of the Christmas Trees in the festival.

Polly x 

10 December 2017

All Good Things Come To An End

Oh My Word, last week I was enjoying temperatures of 30+ today we've been ankle deep in snow!!

 So I'm sitting here with the central heating on and a throw over my lap 
doing a round up of holiday images that I haven't used yet.

Spring flowers courtesy of BeFunky Collage Maker

 If you're ever in Fremantle do visit the Kakulas Sister Gourmet Grocery Store.
Purveyors of quality groceries and fine foods. 

Just walking past you get a delightful aroma of what's inside.

And when you've finished shopping call in at Moore & Moore cafe

 It's quirky

sells great coffee and food

and has a lovely cool courtyard and a fun children's area at the back

My favourite place for breakfast, was Duck Duck Bruce

Their "Orange Is The New Stack" is absolutely gorgeous
vanilla pancake stack, burnt orange curd, toasted almonds, lemon poppyseed cheesecake
I couldn't get enough of it, and their coffee is the best in Freo. 

Housed in a heritage listed cottage, it's a fun and quirky dog friendly cafe with top notch food and coffee, fresh juices, super friendly staff and a lovely garden courtyard. 

 When I was mooching around Perth last year I was in search of cows 
this year I was just mooching around


My two wouldn't wait patiently like this, they would be running around all over the place!

 A little something to keep your handwash in!

Fremantle War Memorial, Monument Hill

All good things come to an end
Now it's time to start Christmas preparations.

∼ Stay Warm and Keep Well  
Polly x 
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