10 November 2018


I overslept this morning and didn't want to take the dogs out. I was feeling lazy. But after breakfast the sun was shining and I felt a bit guilty so we went out. We didn't do a very long walk though because we found out from some other dog walkers that the hunt was headed our way and that's the last thing we wanted to get caught up in. They had a good run around though.

The village church had a photo competition and WWI centenary exhibition. Refreshments and cake were provided by the WI. Crafts and home made jams and marmalade were for sale. I helped out on the cake stall for the first hour.

My WI group made hession banners with poppies and labels on them. Each label had the name of a soldier from the village who died in the war.

It was very sad, so many of the men were just young boys, and some families in the village lost two or more sons.

Later in the afternoon I took my daughter to Calenzo's for afternoon tea as part of her birthday celebration.

It was absolutely delicious, starting with salmon and cream cheese bagels, the most delicious sausage rolls I have ever tasted and triangles of pizza sandwiches. Followed by plain and fruit scones with cream and jam, mini chocolate cakes, and New York cheesecakes. Accompanied with glasses of Prosecco and coffee to finish. The restaurant is lovely with nice spacious booths. 
We did a little bit of shopping afterwards and then home.

My grandson's team lost their basketball match, they were winning until extra time when the other team scored 7 points.

~Be well ~

Polly x

3 November 2018


It's a quiet weekend for me, daughter and son-in-law are away, I'm in charge of my grandson. He's playing in a basketball match this afternoon. So for now I'm going through hundreds of photos to either use in blog posts or delete.
Lets see what I've got.

Back in May 2012 my very dear friend Cathy asked if I would accompany her on a holiday to Canada. She and her husband had made plans to visit his cousin in Hamilton. Sadly he developed a very aggressive cancer and died before he could accomplish his dream. It was all booked and my friend wanted to go because it's what her husband wanted but she wasn't confident to go on her own. I paid my share of the flight, bought some currency and off we went.

I was still recovering from a fall three months earlier in February which resulted in a broken foot (bones take longer to heal as we age!). My foot ached a lot but it didn't deter me from enjoying the holiday. 
Our first day was a gentle walk around a waterfront followed by a bus ride The next day was a shopping day at the mall.

The following day, together with D our hostess and seven of her friends we hired a limo into 
Toronto to see West Side Story. The show was brilliant. 
We ended the day back at Hamilton in an excellent Chinese restaurant.

The highlight of the trip for me was visiting Niagara Falls. We visited Niagara-on-the-Lake first. 
This beautiful picturesque town oozes charm.

Shaw cafe and wine bar. We didn't go in, I think it's one of those places that relies on it's 
location and looks to overcharge for mediocre service and food.

Prince of Wales hotel

Whirlpool Aero Car

Cathy and I took a trip on the Maid of the Mist

The ubiquitous photo taken just before boarding the boat.

Taken by a fellow passenger

Out for breakfast, delicious but I didn't expect it all on one plate!

We had a day trip to St Jacobs, a popular location for tourism due to its quaint village appearance,
lots of independent one-of-a-kind shops and its Mennonite heritage.

D thought the Farmer's Market was on but it was out of season,
we were disappointed but there were plenty of shops for us to browse round. 

We did some cruising in D's lovely classic Mustang

Cathy and I at Lake Erie, visiting D's friends who have a summer place there.

A very interesting trip round HMCS (His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship) Haida.
A tribal-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1943 to 1963,
participating in WWII and the Korean war. She was named for the Haida people.

After this visit we met with D's friends for a farewell lunch. It was sad saying goodbye.
A couple of years later D and three of the other girls came over to London
as part of a European trip, Cathy and I enjoyed a lovely weekend with them.

~Be well ~

Polly x

1 November 2018

Under Pressure

I have just taken delivery of a parcel.
I was cleaning the downstairs toilet at the time, I heard the bell and the knock on the door.
It took 25 steps to get to the front door
The delivery man was walking away
This has happened before, do the delivery people expect the door to be opened the second they take their finger off the bell?
They are not to blame, it's the culture of employing minimum people to do maximum work.
I don't like being the age I am, but I am so glad I don't have to work anymore.

~Be well ~

Polly x

29 October 2018

A Good Read

Blue Lightning by Ann Cleeves
Shetland Detective Jimmy Perez knows it will be a difficult homecoming when he returns to the Fair Isles, where strangers are viewed with suspicion and distrust, to introduce his fiancé, Fran, to his parents. 
Soon after their arrival a woman's body is discovered at the renowned Fair Isles bird observatory. A raging storm prevents outside help from mainland detectives leaving Jimmy to investigate alone. He has to find clues the old-fashioned way, and he has to do it quickly. The killer is waiting for the chance to strike again. 
This is the fourth book of the series, it was a book club choice so I have read it out of sequence but it didn’t matter because although there is a story weaving through them all each one is a separate whodunnit. 
It’s very well written and conveys a real sense of life on the Isles. I liked Jimmy Perez, I like that he is a bit old fashioned and thoughtful. He gets the job done. It’s a very good crime novel and although I did pick up some clues and knew what was going on I didn’t identify the murderer!  
~Happy Reading ~
Polly x

23 October 2018

The Dolls House: Miss Teen's Room

I was looking for something (can't remember what) in my stash of dolls house stuff when I found this little mirror. I think it was among the things included with number 2 dolls house when I bought it from ebay.

I knew exactly what to do with it, it would make a nice wall mirror for Miss Teen's room

I cut out some pieces of cardboard for the backing and surround and
used some sparkly silver ribbon to stick onto the cardboard  

It was very fiddly cutting and sticking tiny pieces of ribbon on the edges. I even mitred the corners.
I fitted the mirror around the edges at the back, slightly overlapping to hold it in place,
and then stuck the backing piece of cardboard firmly in place. 

And Miss Teen is very pleased with the result.
You can see her room here

~Be well ~

Polly x

20 October 2018

So Good They Named It Twice

New York, New York
Hello dear reader, I have recently returned from 4 fantastic days in New York. Together with my daughter, grandson and son-in-law we went to celebrate BIG birthdays. A couple of weeks ago I turned 70, yes I know, how the heck did that happen. And in a few weeks my daughter will be 50!!...... oh my word, my baby will be 50.

We stayed in an apartment in a lovely old Brooklyn house.
Our apartment was at the top of the house. 
The owner lives on the other floors with her family, and her mother lives on the ground floor.

With three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and lounge
it was well appointed and suited our needs.
Courtesy of Befunky.com
Bedroom 3 was tiny, just a bed and a small built in wardrobe,
but enough for my grandson to sleep in and hang his clothes on the floor!

We had discussed various ways of celebrating;
a party, weekend in London, dinner at the Shard.
I suggested New York as I had hoped to return after a visit 30 years ago. 
I wasn't sure if  it would be my family's choice but they said yes.
My darling daughter arranged the whole thing, overnight stay at the airport Premier Inn,
airport parking, flights, accommodation and itinerary.

It was about 11 am when we arrived at the apartment,
we had all managed to sleep on the flight so we decided to go out.

First stop was Macy's.
 My daughter wanted one of their small bags for her work lunch
I bought this Christmas tree decoration

Lunch was at Broadway Bites.
Rain was forecast and it started just after we finished lunch.
I was the only one with an umbrella, grandson's coat had a hood but my daughter and son-in-law only had coats so we dodged under scaffolding and shop awnings, into souvenir shops, and when it became torrential we had a coffee stop.

Afterwards we made our way to Times Square, passing the Naked Cowboy!

 And the M&M's shop......love the peanut ones

When I was last in New York 30 years ago you could just pitch up at Battery park and take the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty. Nowadays you have to book in advance. When we booked our trip there were no available tours. I had already done the trip and climbed the steps up to the top so I wasn't bothered about doing it again. My family weren't bothered about not being able to visit. So we walked to Battery park and took some photos of the statue from there. I only had my phone camera and they aren't very good. 

Ground Zero was very poignant
Street entertainment
Brooklyn Bridge

My grandson loves basketball, and he's a very good player. He is a member of our town club. 
One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to Madison Square Garden
to see a match between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets 

The camera floats around and selects people to appear on the big screen. 
It is a serious match but they do have entertainment - prize draws
hurling t-shirts into the eager audience
and a young man proposed to his sweetheart 💙 
The Nets won, I can't remember the score, but it was close.

My daughter read about a flea market in Brooklyn, we love anything like that.
We wondered about the origin of the term "flea market". It refers to the French marché aux puces,
the name given to a market in Paris which specialised in shabby second hand goods,
some of which might have contained fleas.

It was held in what I think used to be blocks of offices or factories.
There were 6 buildings, each one holding a variety of shops and eateries.
There were second hand stalls outside and a vintage fair indoors. We really wanted to visit the vintage fair, but with a $15 entry fee and a very long queue we decided that we didn't want to pay that much to look at items that would be silly prices.

This shop had some beautiful items, but again silly prices. 
A large opaque plastic bangle was priced at $198 !!

There were plenty of good eating places.

And some excellent entertainment

Ahh the New York Public Library
What a beautiful building inside and out

How sweet is this, a real live beautiful cat in a shop window. I don't think he/she was for sale!

Now, the burning question on everyone's mind is "How do they get that crane down?"
Very carefully.

We cycled round Central Park

One of my grandson's favourite shops. I bought him this backpack.

Dumbo neighbourhood in Brooklyn. It stands for "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass"

It's a lovely trendy area full of boutiques, restaurants and cafes. 
You can hop on the ferry over to Manhattan.

It also has this great outdoor park with facilities for basketball, roller skating, boating, handball,
picnic area, eats and drinks and lots more. 
Part of it has a roof and there are plans to put side walls in to make it an all year round venue.
That's my grandson - the flash of red on his arm, underneath the hoop.
People just turn up to practice on their own or make up teams to play games. 

And it offers picturesque views of the Manhattan skyline.
I like this dramatic effect photo that my grandson did in Snapseed for me. I now know how to use it.

We walked the pavements and rode the subways. Over the course of our 4 days we walked 37 miles.
My daughter used her fitbit, just out of curiousity.
I loved wandering around taking in the sights and absorbing the atmosphere. I could have stayed another 4 days but sadly it was time to leave.  

I have a shed load of photos, it's difficult to know what to choose and when to stop!
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the tour 😊

~Be well ~
Polly x
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