9 August 2018

This And That Catching Up

Oh dear, I have neglected my blog and I'm sorry for not visiting my favourite blogs. I do catch up on you all, but don't always have time to comment.

I see Rufus got his paws on the laptop again and brought you up to date with what I have been up to. He would have to mention my bowls matches defeats! I wouldn't describe myself as one of my clubs' best players but I do have times when I play well. I won my club's ladies singles competition last year and was in the winning team in the fours competition. I don't know what happened with the summer league singles matches, I think it was a combination of hot weather, hot flushes, and trying too hard! 

Rufus mentioned wanting some photos of their walking friends, so here they are

 Charlie and Norman 

Rufus, Norman and Ellie               Ellie, Buster and Norman

Treat time, and bribery to get them all together! except Buster,
he had found something interesting to sniff nearby!
Ellie lost her tail in an accident

I have been busy with dolls house work, the bathroom is nearing completion and I have made a start on the main bedroom. 

Painting (art not decorating) has taken up a fair amount of time because of my determination to get it right. Some I am pleased with, others have gone in the bin. The experts say don't overthink it, and I tell myself not to but then I do! When I do just do it without overthinking I am pleased with the result, like this one. 

I wet all the petal areas one by one then just dropped a tiny amount of pink in the inside and tipped the paper to let it run to the edges. I then built up the darker areas bit by bit. It can be difficult knowing when to stop. When it came to the leaves I built up the colour gradually and thought I had overdone it with the veins, but I think they look just about right. I might frame it.

I followed an online tutorial for this one and was quite pleased with it until I noticed the perspective of the pot's proximity to the window! I will keep it though, we learn through our mistakes.

And of course time spent keeping cool and reading. My current book is 'A Fine Balance' by Rohinton Mistry. A hefty 614 pages! It has been on the bookshelf for a long time, I think it's one that I inherited from number two daughter when she emigrated to Australia. I enjoyed his 'Such A Long Journey' and am thoroughly enjoying this one so far. 

In July we had our WI summer lunch, delicious food and good company made for an enjoyable afternoon. And last week for our August meeting we went to Papermill Lock, a tea room on the bank of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation. We had a lovely trip on a canal boat.

Little Baddow Mill House

 followed by a cream tea or cake and coffee (I had a cream tea)

I've enjoyed a few trips to North Weald market
and bought a couple of frocks there

this is the bargain I found in a charity shop in Fremantle last November. It has a lovely stretchy panel at the back which gives a fitted look whilst allowing for expansion if I over indulge!

On probably the hottest day of the year my friend M and I went to the Booking Hall cafe at Rayne. 

It's the old railway station on the Fitch Way. It's said to be a lovely walk along the old track.

There are a couple of carriages that have been converted into a charming small museum. 

This one has a lovely little model version of how Rayne was as a working station.

The crops are stored
blackberries are turning red, I have seen a few black ones
soon be time for blackberry and apple pies and crumbles, yummy :-) 

Well that's me caught up with what I have been doing.
I hope to get round to reading what my favourite bloggers have been up to.

~Be well and have a good weekend ~

Polly x

26 July 2018

Rufus' Diary

Phew, are we all enjoying this amazing weather? Polly is mostly happy with it because she knows for a fact that come winter she will be hating the cold and damp!
We've been going out earlier in the mornings, it's lovely - cool and fresh. And we meet and walk with Ellie Labrador, Charlie Westie and Norman Springer Spaniel whose tail never stops wagging. He's a real character. I was hoping Polly would have some photos but she's so busy talking she forgets and I don't have time to wait!!

Our favourite route goes through bluebell wood, then there is more shade along the way,
 and streams for us to have a drink and a cool down.

I like this one, Buster doesn't. It's easy to access but I think the roots of the trees might scare him, 
and yet he goes down a vertical bank into another one farther on!

That's Buster with his phobias, bless him. 

This stream has dried up
Polly has stopped us going in any streams because there have been reports
of dogs suffering from internal bleeding after ingesting parasites from river water.

Continuing with the theme of water Polly bathed Buster the other day, he was not amused, but he did look and feel so much better. She hasn't got round to me yet, I don't get as dirty as Buster, 
Buster is a little muck magnet :-)

Look at the state of the lawn.

Although I am the one who finds the disgusting fox poo and have to be washed when we get home!!

Buster keeping cool with a wet towel over him

Polly was really pleased with this action photo.
Me and Busty had been playing around and I had just jumped over him.

Don't know what these are,  we think they are weeds, but they are quite pretty.

and these.

In between days out, her usual stint at the Salvation Army and carpet bowl matches where she has suffered humiliating defeats in the singles games, Polly has been spending her time in the craft room keeping cool while working on her dolls house and painting pictures, some are ok, some have gone in the bin! She will probably tell you about it soon.

~Be well, and if you're in the northern hemisphere stay cool! ~

6 July 2018

A Good Read, well sort of

Splinter by Sebastian Fitzek

What would happen if we could erase the worst experiences of our lives forever from our memory? Marc Lucas is slowly putting his life back together after the car crash that killed his pregnant wife when things start to go horribly wrong. His credit cards stop working. His key no longer fits his door. He discovers someone else working in his office and one day he comes home to find himself face to face with his dead wife, and she doesn't have a clue who he is. 

Could this have anything to do with the clinic? They wanted to test their ability to remove traumatic memories from live subjects. Marc had met them, just once, but declined their experimental technology. He now fears they may have begun their tests illicitly... 

This started very well, the subject matter and the splinter in Marc’s head had the makings of a chilling psychological thriller, a roller coaster ride of conspiracies, paranoia or madness, and, if you are familiar with Berlin the descriptions of the places the characters moved around in added some interest and atmospheric background.  But after a while the replicated twists were tiresomely confusing and the conclusion was absurd.

~Happy Reading ~
Polly x

2 July 2018

A Garden Party

Oh dear, I have been unwell with a horrid cold. Feeling a bit better but not up to 100% yet. Another quiet day today. I was going to visit a friend but she is just recovering from the same thing so we have postponed it till next week. I also want to be well enough for my WI meeting on Wed, its our summer lunch. It was only meant to be a one off last July to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the village group, but we all enjoyed it so much that we agreed to do it every year.

I have re-joined the village Art group. They have a summer garden party in June. The hosts provide food and everyone tends to take a little extra and their own choice of drinks.
 The host's garden is beautiful

Plenty of delicious food 

That trifle was divine, with lots of alcohol in it!!

The company was good

The weather was dull with a few sparse glimpses of the sun, and it turned chilly later in the afternoon.

But these lovelies would brighten any day :-)

We all had an excellent time.

~Be well, and if you're in the northern hemisphere stay cool! ~
Polly x

26 June 2018


Easier to park than a car 

Nearly home

The wheat is turning

Blackberries are flowering and budding

Right beside me as I was having breakfast under the gazebo

A shady place to relax

Piano in a field!!
Walking with the Ramblers. 
This piano had been dumped about half a mile along the lane!! bizarre

~Be well, and, if you're in the UK stay cool! ~

Polly x

22 June 2018

Lunchtime Concert

Today's concert in the Cathedral was Duo Dolcissimo. Sophie Aynsley Piano and Fiona Jones Oboe. These accomplished musicians treated us with a delightful programme of Schuman, Dring, Ravel, Saint Saens, Albinoni, Mozart and Morricone.  
I broke with habit and had a salmon sandwich instead of cheese and pickle! 
I still had a frangipani tart though :-)

Time for a browse around the shops. It's sad and worrying that so many of our high street shops are struggling or going into administration. Poundworld was desolate with half empty shelves. 
M&S didn't have anything at all that came near to inspiring me. I've been saying for years that they just don't understand what their customers want. I thought they had cracked it with their Per Una range, but that didn't last long.
Went into TheWorks for some art things, they didn't have what I wanted. "Look online" said the sales assistant. I think that's part of the problem, so many people shop online now, shops don't need huge stocks of everything.

I bought some oranges and mangos on the market and caught the bus home. 

The weather has cooled down a bit, I just have time to prune the roses, water the baskets and tubs and tidy a small border before Rufus will be asking for his dinner!

~Be well and have a good weekend ~

Polly x

15 June 2018

A Good Read

Mr Mercedes by Stephen King
Retired cop Bill Hodges is haunted by 'the Mercedes' massacre, a case he never solved. He spends his depressed and vacant retirement sitting in his lay z boy watching rubbish day time television and thinking about killing himself, until that is, he receives a letter from the Mercedes killer.

Brady Hartsfield lives with his alcoholic mother. He is the insane perpetrator of that crime. He drove a Mercedes into a crowd of people, killing eight and wounding fifteen. He enjoyed the feel of death under the wheels of the car as he ploughed through them, and he wants to experience that rush again. He is preparing his next massacre. 

Hodges accidentally teams up with two unlikely allies and the three very divergent characters are facing a race against time to find Hartsfield before he kills again.

I have been a  fan of Stephen King for years and have never been disappointed, I think he is a genius writer. This high suspense race against time thriller is excellent.

~Happy Reading ~

Have a good weekend
Polly x
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