18 January 2021

Aquarius January 20 – February 18

Miss Claire Voyant's horoscope for Aquarius

Sharing your Aquarius birthday, with, among a few million others, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton and John Travolta.

A bit about the personality
Do you know someone who sees the world in a totally unique way, someone who works hard to make a positive change in people’s day-to-day lives, someone who is intellectual and social, loyal, reliable, and stubborn? Chances are that person could well be an Aquarian. Aquarius is the sign most closely associated with humanitarianism. They’re also linked to science and technology and known to have a creative outlook on life. They’re sometimes called oddballs, eccentrics, or even “aliens”—but for an Aquarius, this is a good thing. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of disruption and revolution, think of Aquarius as a rebel with a cause. They can be stubborn, refuse to compromise and hot tempered, but always enigmatic.

Aquarius' prediction
If things are getting tense between you and a friend or co-worker, don't try to fight it. Conflict is never nice to deal with, but sometimes it's necessary to solve a problem or move in a better direction. Plus, your good communications skills are better than ever, so you can trust yourself to navigate any tension with grace and ease. Don't be afraid to disagree, especially when you know you're right and the other party is wrong or misguided.

Despite your aloof nature, your emotions run deep, and, like many of us the stress of the pandemic has taken its toll. As an intellectual air sign, you used your brain to stay busy rather than sink into despair. You may have organised virtual meetings, family get-togethers or fundraisers. It's likely that you might be exhausted and in need of a little care and attention yourself. It's ok to be vulnerable and ask for support. Remind your friends and family that it's your birthday, but let them do the work. 
Your task for 2021 is to  learn to put yourself first.

Be safe and well ~
Polly x

15 January 2021

Dollshouse Update

Dollshouse number 2 is taking a long time to complete but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I've been working on the kitchen for ages making everything myself so I have spent a fair amount of time working out how to make things!
In between taxing the little grey cells I have made some accessories for other rooms. 

Starting in Miss Teen's room, she has a new jewellery box made with two small pieces of wood covered with pink leather and a faux diamond on the lid. Some posters printed from the web, and some photographs of random people printed from the web and glued onto sparkly card.

Freddie likes sitting on the bed with her.

I'm currently working out how to make a dressing gown for her.

Mr Teen's room now has Mr Teen in it, along with some posters, photos,
books and x-box games, all printed from the web and stuck onto card stock.

There is some wall art  in the bathroom.

A chair, rug , picture and Dylan are on the top landing

Two pictures, framed photos and a large mirror in the master bedroom
Chloe likes sleeping in this room

The library has pictures, a laptop,  a mobile phone

and steps
I made the books and bought the bookends with globes that rotate.

The middle landing has a runner, a picture and a plant. The plant isn't a miniature, I  bought it in
Asda for the princely sum of £1 ! I'm not sure it looks right though, I think it's a bit large.
Please feel free to comment :-)

I have a Mr and Mrs in the lounge. I've removed the plant because
I thought it was over powering that corner. It's in the dining room now.

A picture, photos, a flower vase and the plant in the dining room.

a runner, console table, plant, photo, clock and mirror in the ground floor hall.

I made the mirror and the spider plant, the pot is a toothpaste lid!
The rooms look much better now, having had some personal touches added.

Be safe and well ~
Polly x

7 January 2021

Happy New Year

I didn't feel much like posting this on new year's eve. I was too sad to think of anything other that the loss of our beloved Buster, but I want to say thank you to all you lovely people who read and leave comments on my posts.


Here's to a happy, healthy and better 2021
Polly x 

2 January 2021


Our dear sweet Buster was put to sleep on Wednesday. After having his leg amputated in July I hoped he would have another 4 or 5 years of good health, he was approaching the same age as me and I imagined we would share lots of walks in our old age. But deep in the back of my mind was the fear that the cancer would return, and it did, with a vengeance, in his lungs and heart. It was very quick, he started coughing and his breathing was shallow and laboured, the vet knew before x-rays confirmed it.

He was a darling puppy but a little devil in the garden!

He won a couple of rosettes at county shows

He loved playing with my grandson and his friends

and meeting other dogs on village walks

In 2014 we adopted Rufus

We all enjoyed county shows

trips to the seaside

There were times when he behaved like a grumpy old man

but mostly he enjoyed walks and play

He was a fervent sniffer!

Every time we did this walk he spent ages sniffing around this huge pile of manure

We had lots of lovely walks

and a few not so good ones!

He wasn't impressed with his Christmas pud coat!

"Leave me alone, I just want to ZZZzzzzzzzzz"

But I empathised with that part of his character, he just needed a bit more time and understanding,
he was a gentle boy.
He didn't have the fearless confidence that Rufus has.
Buster was Peace Corps, Rufus is SAS!

And since his amputation I loved him more and more each day.

Dear Buster
December 2010 - December 2020
You will be sorely missed

27 December 2020

Advent Treats

A few posts ago I wrote about this advent box my daughter gave me.

24 little boxes full of lovely treats. I had only opened 4 at the time 

so here are all the gifts
2 flannels; pretty little heart shaped lavender soaps; hand cream; hand wash lotion; cuticle oil; three bars of lovely  smelling soap, four little tins of lip balm; a pretty shopping trolley coin

milk chocolate stirrers for adding to hot milk for a chocolate drink. I've used one and it was delicious, for the remaining one I'm going to get some squirty cream and mini marshmallows.

and lots of chocolates, which of course I have eaten :-)

∼ Stay warm and well ∼
Polly x

23 December 2020


Merry Christmas to ewe

Tower Gardens Westminster

Seasons Greetings

Happy Holiday

Many of us have had our holiday plans cancelled.
Thankfully, with the help of technology we will be able to see and talk to our loved ones
on Christmas day. 
However you're spending the holiday season I hope you will be happy and healthy.

💖  Stay warm and well 💖
Polly x
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