26 July 2019

Warwick Castle Part II

  The state rooms are beautiful. 

Many famous people have visited the castle

This group needs no introduction 

Lady Sackville-West enjoyed weekend parties hosted by the 5th Earl of Warwick and his wife Daisy

As did Lord Brooke, Winston Churchill, Spencer Cavendish

Lord Roberts

No shortage of entertainment

Edward Prince of Wales and Lord Curzon

All looked after by hard working staff

I loved rocking horses and dolls houses when I was a little girl

The great hall is impressive

I'm amazed how horse and rider could move with all that hardware on them

pretty Chapel

The grounds are lovely

particularly the Peacock Garden  

And finally I thought it would be good to climb the 500 steps to the top of this tower.
When I reached the top my legs were trembling!

but the view was amazing.

Be well ~
Polly x


  1. What an amazing place that is! I like the way the history has been brought to life by the figures. The horses used in battle were known as English Great Horses and our Shire Horses are supposed to be descended from them. They were huge beasts specially bred for the purpose and not at all like the ones depicted in most films.

    1. Hello John, yes I can imagine the horses were from solid hardy stock in those days. I can remember the lovely Shire Horses from my childhood days. I was very impressed with the figures, they were very well crafted and looked very life like.

  2. The grandeur and opulence was a joy to see, what an amazing tour. Like you it was a thrill to admire the rocking horse.

    1. Hi mama, I guess they had lots of money then and could afford grand and opulence :-)

  3. I took the kids to Warwick years ago and remember it being very good, but not THAT good - and a bit touristy. Your photos are great - and I love the way they've used mannequins to illustrate the history. It's on the list for a revisit - must move it up!

    1. Hi Mike, I think castles and stately homes etc have had to up their game to appeal to today's audiences who want entertainment on a grand scale.

  4. Warwick Castle looks splendid Polly, wonderful to see it here and in last post. Loved the peacock garden and those 500 steps to get that view were definitely worth it.. a workout AND a fabulous view ✨

    1. Hi Grace, I think the workout theme was the final push to get me to the top, telling myself I needed to work off the ice cream! :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Liz, it's definitely worth visiting, the town is nice too, and the Lord Leycester Hospital (my next post) is a lovely little place.

  6. Thanks for taking us along, Polly, what a stunning place. I'm always especially interested in seeing the downstairs, how ordinary people lived. They didn't have it easy.

    1. Hi Amalia, it's very easy to forget the hard working staff who made it all happen. Most of them started work at 5 or 6 o/clock and didn't have all the cleaning appliances we have nowadays! x


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