21 March 2024

Out And About

We all love a market so a visit to Redcliffe market was a must.

Unfortunately it was a miserable day, with lots of rain.

I nearly bought this cushion cover!


I like going into the city, travelling on the ferry. Last time I was here the ferries weren't operating due to severe flooding so I used buses, this time I used the ferries, which I prefer. With help from my daughter and google maps I correctly navigated my way from the ferry terminal to the Queens Street Mall. I wandered around for a bit.

Kitten D'Amour is an Australian fashion brand selling beautiful vintage clothes

            look at these lovely pantaloons!

After a bit of retail therapy it was time for coffee and cake. Afterwards I bought a gift for my friend M, then visited Anzac Square

which is always a lovely place to visit.
You wouldn't know it's in the heart of the bustling CBD.
It's quiet and peaceful.

∼ Be safe and well∼ 
Polly x 


  1. Interesting looking shops! And who WOULDN'T want a cricket-playing kangaroo cushion?

  2. Thanks for taking us to the market, Polly. I like that cushion too!

    1. I might ask my daughter to look out for it next time she visits the market.


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