12 October 2020


I started this post ages, ago, soon after writing about my safari in Tanzania 

After my safari in Tanzania I fancied doing another one, but this time staying inside a national park.
In 2014 I chose Zambia because I also wanted to visit Victoria Falls. My stay was in the South Luangwa National Park. The first 3 days were at Nkwali safari camp on the bend of the Luangwa River.
My hut

Those bamboo doors were all that separated me from wildlife at night time! It was best not to dwell on the nocturnal sounds, animals want a quiet life to go about their business undisturbed. 

Open air shower room

The very dry Luangwa River

Communal lounge area

Doesn't she look sweet

Those teeth will rip through the belly of her prey in seconds

Going through my photos later a shiver went through me as I realise just how close this
lion came to our jeep, and had he wanted to he could easily have jumped up into it!! 

Someone once said that buffalo look at you as if you owe them money!

Mid morning break on a walking safari



Termite mound, difficult to believe that these tiny insects build such huge rock hard mounds

Sundowners on our evening safaris. That's me on the left.

After three nights at Nkwali I moved to Nsefu Safari Camp, still on the Luangwa River
My hut

Reception and lounge area

Although we had early starts I enjoyed this safari more because we were out early
enough to see more animals. 
Breakfast was about 6.oo then out in the jeeps. Me on the right.
It was cold at that time but soon warmed up to another gloriously hot day.

I think this is a Tawny Eagle

 How cute is this little Brown Hooded Kingfisher

Aren't their markings exquisite

This was a very unpleasant scene that we encountered whilst driving back to camp.
Hyenas and vultures fighting over the carcass of a baby elephant.
The stench was unbearable, it was grim, but it's what happens in the wild.

African Fish Eagle

Back to camp for a light lunch and a siesta. After a couple of hours rest we went out in the jeeps again.

Baby near my hut

Re-united with mum and on their way 
I could now go to my hut for a siesta


I didn't see leopards on my first safari, I was very excited when we saw her, so beautiful.

Female leopard marking territory

Female Waterbucks

Pretty Carmine Bee Eater

Hippos are shy and usually run away, I think we accidentally startled this one, it just froze.

It had a lot of scars on its back and face. 

We stayed out until after dark which came quite early. Then back to camp for dinner.

The food was excellent and plentiful at both locations.

And finally 

something to make you smile!

After 3 nights at Nsefu I went to Livingstone - coming soon.

Be safe and well ~

Polly x


  1. That looks like a fantastic trip. I love all the animal pics. That river is low indeed. The accommodation may not be the Ritz but I'm sure it was more than adequate.

    1. Some safaris are luxurious, but I was happy with this one, it was fantastic.

  2. Wow! Your lodgings look fabulous. I would have enjoyed the outdoor shower. But the real stars are all those animals. I especially enjoyed seeing the birds. Such elegant creatures. Glad you got to experience what’s out do like numerous trips of a lifetime!

    1. The huts were lovely and it was so nice showering outside. If I had loads of money I would do a few safaris each year.

  3. What an abundance of fabulous bird and animal photos you got! The accommodations look good too. A once-in-a-lifetime trip! How wonderful to see the animals in their natural habitat.

    1. I had a lovely 35mm zoom camera and was very pleased with my photos.

  4. Your hut looked comfortable and to fall asleep surrounded by nature and animals must have been quite an experience. I enjoyed all the animal photos and nice to see you as well, Polly. Did the wildlife come close to the Jeep on these safaris or did you use a telephoto lens?

    1. I have a short video of a lion walking past our jeep. Looking at it later I realised that if he had wanted to the lion could easily have jumped up into the jeep!! Our rangers always had stun guns with them.


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