15 December 2016

Out and About in Perth

As I write this I am sad because my holiday is over and I have had to say goodbye to my darling youngest daughter. Mingled with the sadness is happiness, to be back home and seeing my grandson and my eldest daughter (son-in-law picked me up at the airport), and of course the dogs, who gave me a lovely welcome. Buster just wouldn't stop jumping up.

For the time being though lets return to Oz, I can remind myself of the glorious weather and the places I visited. You can't visit Perth without going to Kings Park, it's beautiful. Every year over 6 million visitors enjoy 600 acres of gardens, bushland, walks, picnics on the lawns, playgrounds, activities and concerts under the stars. It's also popular with joggers.

The Federation Walkway takes you over an arched bridge suspended among a canopy of trees

with views overlooking Perth city and the Swan river

The State War Memorial

Gija Jumulu (Boab Tree) estimated to be 750 years old.
The Gija people of the East Kimberley gifted the Jumula to the people of Western Australia. 
After travelling 3,200 km from Telegraph Creek in northwest Australia it was planted in Kings Park on the 20th July 2008. 

Elizabeth Quay, named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II is a new development
connecting the city with the river.

This was my final trip to Perth - for this visit, I hope to return soon :-)


  1. Looks like an amazing trip, great photos.

  2. Oh, Polly, your photos of Perth are glorious. What a beautiful place to visit. I hope you're settling in back home and enjoying the season. xo ~ Nancy

    1. Hello Nancy, it's good to hear from you, I must pop over and see some of your beautiful small places. I've been very lethargic since I returned, but I think that is largely due to this time of year, I just want to hibernate! xo


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