28 January 2019

Noise Stops Play

My grandson's basketball match on Saturday was stopped due to noise coming from the other users of the hall. 

The match was being played in the gym hall of a school, the same hall where they meet on club nights. On the other side of the hall, separated by a curtain, a game of men's volley ball was being played. I think it might have been a tournament, there were a lot of men in various team colours and lots of spectators making lots of noise. It wasn't too bad at first but gradually as more people arrived the noise level increased, they were using drums and something else, the kind of noise you would expect at a football match. 

Just before half time our visiting team called a halt to the game saying they couldn't continue due to not being able to hear the ref and the boys not being able to hear instructions from their coach. The score was 34 to Chelmsford, 22 to Northampton. Our boys were playing very well, almost as one, they did some brilliant passes resulting in good scores. Whilst I agreed that the noise was becoming unbearable the boys wanted to continue, they were amused by the decision of the visitors to concede the match.

Grandson warming up

~Keep warm and well ~
Polly x

17 January 2019

Never Far Away

I think the unrivalled Great Ormond Street Hospital is known world wide for the specialist care they provide for sick children. 

The Hospital Charity will be launching its Never Far Away: Essex Appeal on 29th January in Chelmsford. This exciting new appeal aims to fund patient and family accommodation at GOSH, helping to keep families from Essex and across the UK together at often difficult times.

More than 53% of the children treated at GOSH come from outside London. Because the care they receive is so specialist, some need to stay for several months. Having a child in hospital is stressful enough without the added pressure of paying for hotels or train fares. So the hospital want to make sure that parents and carers can stay in nearby accommodation free of charge.

The launch is being held on Tuesday 29th January at 6.30pm at Cedd`s Hall, Chelmsford Cathedral, 
CM1 1EH (a short walk from Chelmsford train station, and car parks are located nearby)

For more information visit www.gosh.org/nfa or contact Neverfaraway@gosh.org.

11 January 2019

Lunchtime Concert

Today's lunchtime concert in the Cathedral was Laurence Lyndon-Jones playing the organ, and what an excellent performance it was, ranging from the rousing Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel to the calm Consolation in D-flat major by Nicolaus Bruhns. Organ music isn't everyone's cup of tea. My friend M isn't a huge fan like me, but she did enjoy some of it.
We had our usual cheese and pickle sandwiches and tea, and M had a piece of malt loaf. I stuck to my resolution and resisted the cakes!

~Keep warm and well ~
Polly x

9 January 2019

The Favourite

Sumptuous, funny and deliciously rude, full of lust, jealousy and deceit "The Favourite" is a must see film.

I was pleased to hear that Olivia Coleman won Best Actress 2019 at the Golden Globe awards. She gave a superb performance as Queen Anne, the much troubled last of the Stuart monarchs. Anne's husband, Prince George of Denmark was a drunk and a crashing bore. She keeps 17 rabbits in her bedchamber, calling them “the little ones”, tragic reminders of the 17 children she lost, poignantly described as “Some were born as blood, some without breath, and some were with me a very brief time”.

Lacking confidence, overweight and depressed, riddled with gout, and plagued by suicidal thoughts Anne relies upon the advice of her friend and lover Sarah Churchill (Lady Marlborough). Brilliantly played by the seductive Rachel Weisz, Sarah is the embodiment of steely resolve, a fearless presence who keeps her enemies close, on the understanding that she may shoot them at any time. Anne and Sarah are inseparable, and when they were apart they corresponded using endearing fanciful names. Sarah was Mrs Freeman and Anne, Mrs Morley. Lady Sarah more or less runs the palace in harmonious partnership with the Queen.

This harmony is shattered with the arrival of Abigail, beautifully played by Emma Stone, subtly navigating the shift between innocence and determination. Abigail is Sarah's penniless cousin hoping to secure employment in the palace. Sarah sends Abigail to work in the scullery where a practical joke results in Abigail suffering severe burns on her hands. She treats these with a potion she makes from woodland leaves. This potion also soothes the pain of the Queen's gout, and before long the interloper has made her way into Anne’s bedchamber, where she soothes more than the Queen’s aching legs, prompting a power struggle for the Queen's attention.

Meanwhile the politicians are arguing about how to handle the war with France, poncing around in huge wigs and comical make-up, betting on duck races and pelting each other with fruit!

The settings and costumes are rich and stunning. The occasional, disjointed music created a very interesting edgy "What's going to happen next" atmosphere.

My friend M and I enjoyed every minute of it.

~Keep warm and well ~
Polly x

1 January 2019

Buster's Diary

Not much has been happening here, we had a quiet Christmas.
A few social events and catching up with family.
On Christmas day Polly and her daughter took me and Rufus out for a walk wearing these

Santa outfit for Rufy
Christmas pud for me
Thank goodness we didn't see anyone we knew, our street cred would plummet!
It was a lovely crisp frosty morning.

We each got a variety box of goodies and Rufy got a really nice squeeky toy.
I didn't get one, I don't play with them like Rufy does, I only want it when he has it!

Polly's son-in-law cooked a delicious Christmas day dinner, 
Polly made a lovely boozy trifle and everyone ate too much!
We had a few leftover bits.
We didn't wear the outfits on Boxing Day!

And here we are at the beginning of a new year. Polly isn't going to make any new year resolutions,
but she needs to lose the weight she has gained over the festive season!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019

~Keep warm and well ~
Buster & Rufus

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