4 December 2023

Christmas Tree Festival

On Saturday was the excellent Christmas market in the Cathedral. I forgot to take photos!! but it was exactly the same as the last time I went, so I've used some of those photos.

I didn't linger long at the outdoor stalls, the weather was -2°, I was wearing my lovely warm coat but I still preferred being inside

The Rock Choir were superb

Lots of stalls selling lots of lovely things. I bought a pair of soft bamboo socks, and a tree decoration. Then had a delicious sausage roll and a cup of tea. I didn't win a raffle prize.


On Sunday I went to one of my favourite events - The Christmas Tree Festival hosted by the church in the village down the road. Local groups, shops and  individuals enter their trees. The public vote for their favourites as do the church committee, and there is a prize for the winners in each category. Lets walk round to admire more brilliant and innovative ideas.

Plot and Grow by Writtle garden and allotment society

Enchanted Cake Stand by Catch-up Cafe
with a lovely little teapot diorama

reindeer and sleigh, and a snowman

How clever is this. Studio 35 Fitmas Tree by Writtle college gym

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance by Writtle Co-op funeral directors

The cleverly named Lavatree by my village church was a celebration of the newly installed toilet!

Hart of Highwood by Highwood Primary school was absolutely beautiful,
one of my 3 favourites

Winter Fun was gorgeous, another favourite

with all these adorable figures enjoying winter activities

Read With Santa by Writtle Library Volunteers

Blesma for limbless veterans

Jam & Jerusalem by Writtle Evening WI.
My village group didn't enter this year, none of us were really enthusiastic.

The Yarn Tree by Writtle Sewing and Craft Club

The Christmas Broom by my village pre-school, another favourite

I thought it was enchanting

Bits and Pieces by Barrow Farm Riding For The Disabled is always a favourite

It's Crackers by 1st Writtle Guides

The Promised Star by 3rd Writtle Brownies

Catastrophtree by Writtle Portrait Group

Mr Crown by the Rose and Crown pub

Running The World Over by Chelmsford Rivermead Rotary Club

It was difficult choosing just one of my three favourites to vote for. The Hart of Highwood was my number one favourite but I chose my village pre-school Christmas Broom because I know the lovely lady who runs the school and she and her staff provide a first class, excellent fun and learning environment for the children.

∼ Be safe and well ∼
Polly x


  1. Wow, what clever and imaginative trees! I love the knitted teapot diorama, Fitmas tree, Lavatree, Hart of Highwood, the Yarn Tree, and the Christmas Broom! Thanks for posting all these fab photos.

  2. The cake stand is so cute and unique. I also visited a Festival of Trees over the weekend. It’s too difficult to choose a favorite.

    1. it is, looking at it again I would list it as a favourite!

  3. I would go bonkers at that tree festival, it looks so cute. I'm glad you showed so many of the trees -- how do the judges pick a winner? The market looks delightful, as does the music. I love hearing a good choir. What a fun and festive event.

    1. I wouldn't like to make the final decision on the winner, they were all excellent.

  4. They are all so beautiful! And reminds me there is a crib display in the local church I mean to go to.

  5. I just found your blog and read back quite a bit, until a few years ago I lived in Billericay so knew of the places you mentioned.. my husband and I used to go to the Friday lunch time concerts at the Cathedral and loved it. I September we spent a few days near there but the walk from the multi-storey car park was so long, was it always so long?? No I think I've just got old!

    1. Hello Chris, thank you for visiting. I love the Cathedral concerts, my friend and I haven't been as regularly as before covid though.. I can think of a couple of car parks that are a bt of a walk away.

  6. So many different groups taking part in the Christmas Tree festival! How lovely!!

    1. It's always well supported. I had some difficulty trying to comment on one of your posts, I hope it was successful.

  7. How cool. My boss was telling me about the upside down tree and I'd never seen one until I saw it here on your post. Thank you for sharing it.


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