29 April 2024

We Bought A Pub!

Yes dear reader, along with lots of other villagers I am a proud part owner of the village pub. The money raised by us and the government funding scheme secured the deal. The dedicated and hard working steering group have done a great job, working tirelessly for months on end for no reward other than to get the pub back open. They also visited lots of other community owned pubs around the country, and all but one of them are thriving. We are confident that we can make it work but not blinkered to the reality that it is going to take a LOT of HARD work to undo 2 years of neglect and modernise it. Being a listed building will probably slow things down and add a few hoops to jump through. And when we get that done we hope that people will come back to patronise it.


Bluebell wood is looking very pretty and smells lovely.

Sunshine, birdsong and Rufus running around lifts my heart.

∼ Be safe and well∼ 
Polly x

23 April 2024

St George's Day


Happy St George's Day

St George, the patron saint of England is known as a heroic knight in shining armour slaying a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon. Click here if you would like to know more.

∼ Be safe and well ∼ 
Polly x

22 April 2024

Earth Day

 Happy Earth Day 

🌏 Be safe and well 🌍
Polly x 

18 April 2024

A Nice Day Out

Our U3A bus pass group outing last week was a tad convoluted. We went to Epping but there isn't a direct bus from Chelmsford so we went via Ongar. And then to get home the Ongar bus is only every 2 hours so if we had gone back to Ongar and got the timing wrong there would have been a 2 hour wait, so we went to Harlow and caught the bus from there! Ongar is a nice place but we didn't stop, just caught the connecting bus to Epping.

where we strolled around, had coffee and cake and did a bit of retail therapy.

Many people describe Harlow in a derogatory manner. I don't know it well, only having travelled through it, and visiting the hospital when my grandson was born. It does have a very nice smart  shopping mall

with a lovely water garden. I think there is a notice asking people not to feed the fish but I think they do because these came up to us very quickly.

We visited an excellent art gallery.

The Gibberd Gallery is a lovely, restful and peaceful gallery away from the 'hubbub' but close to cafes and eating places. 

Piglet has a history. On the 8th January 1985 he was stolen from his plinth in the children's library at Basildon. The following day he was discoverd on a grass area at the rear of the building, missing an ear. After repair he was given to the gallery.

There are lots of exhibits and they hold regular exhibitions of all kinds of arts and crafts.
Everyone had a lovely day out and we caught a direct bus back home.

∼ Be safe and well∼ 
Polly x 

14 April 2024

An OK Read

Oh William by Elizabeth Strout
Lucy Barton is a writer and widowed. Her ex-husband, William, whose third wife has left him, remains a hard man to read. “William”, she confesses, “has always been a mystery to me”. Another mystery is why they have remained good friends after all these years, despite their divorce and subsequent remarryings, they just are. They know they can rely on each other, and at the same time can be brutally honest with each other. So Lucy is both surprised and not surprised when William asks her to join him on a trip to investigate a recently uncovered family secret. At the age of seventy-one William has discovered that he has a half-sister. As he struggles with changes in his life and what this revelation might uncover about his mother’s past he wants Lucy there by his side.
The journey gives each of them opportunities to look back on their lives and ask the question: Why are we drawn to the people we marry, is it ever really possible to truly know anyone? William’s mother, Catherine had been a very large presence in their marriage and had clearly kept secrets. Lucy had kept much of her early life hidden away and her family’s rejection of her marriage to William left a lasting scar. William had kept plenty of secrets during their marriage, including multiple affairs. Above all they learned the sad realisation that often we understand ourselves too late in life, and perhaps never comprehend those close to us.

I know there are many fans of the Lucy Barton stories, perhaps I should have read those first because I found this book club choice a little tedious.

∼ Happy Reading∼ 

Polly x

12 April 2024

U3A Easter Meeting

The meeting was very well attended and very well organised.
There were quizzes on each table and guessing items around the room.

Look at this package of deliciouness,
unfortunately I didn't guess the correct weight

nor did I guess the name of the bunny or the correct amount of eggs in the jar.
I didn't win the raffle, and my table didn't win the quiz.

All that chocolate and I didn't get my hands on any of it!! :-( 

I forgot all about making an Easter bonnet.
The winner was the one with the blue flowers on the brim.

Despite not winning any chocolate it was a lovely afternoon and the sandwiches, as usual, were utterly delicious, all from M&S. We also had yummy cakes, orange drinks and cups of tea.

Visiting the toilet before leaving I found this, another toilet twinning, I think lots of churches support the scheme. This one is to be found at Bagnontenga Village, Burkino Faso, latrine no. 94019. Supporting toilet twinning helps to flush away poverty.

∼ Be safe and well∼ 
Polly x 

9 April 2024

A Muddy Walk

The U3a walks have started again. Last Friday we did a 5 mile walk. I wasn't confident that I would manage it without having foot problems - I have Morton's neuroma in my right foot. A few months ago I bought a pair of knee high wellington boots, they are excellent, extremely comfortable and totally waterproof, but I have never walked more than about 3½ miles in them. I needn't have worried, my feet were fine.
Despite a gloomy forecast the weather was glorious, not a drop of rain, and mostly sunshine. However parts of the walk were muddy, very muddy.

After meeting in the pub car park our walk started around the corner from the pub the other side of those brambles. Most of my fellow walkers were surprised that I was wearing wellies instead of walking boots but only a few minutes into the walk the terrain was a quagmire, ankle high mud, there was very little solid ground and many people got slightly wet feet. I couldn't help feeling a little smug!!

 The walk should have taken us alongside a scenic abandoned railway line but our leader said it was cordoned off  because it was almost impassable.

I forgot to charge my phone the night before! so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked. Our leader took this one and posted it for us to use.

Despite the mud we all enjoyed the walk, and our meal at the pub afterwards 😋 My feet were warm and dry throughout.

∼ Be safe and well∼ 
Polly x 

1 April 2024


I forgot to do an Easter post! 

The lovely lady at the hospital did a beautiful display.

It's her way of helping to cheer people up. She told me that a few members of staff sit with her for a while and talk about their problems with the NHS.


Spring is springing and the weather is improving.
Our walk this morning was delightful, bright blue sky, warm sunshine and darling birds singing.

It's the time of cherry blossom and magnolia, such beauty.

The arrival of spring, more daylight hours, slightly warmer weather, birdsong, and getting out into the garden. I'm feeling better about being back from holiday.

∼ Be safe and well∼ 
Polly x 

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