31 December 2016

23 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Oh dear the outside fairy lights are sad, half of them don't work, I had planned to replace them this year but my holiday took priority over Christmas preparations.
Since arriving back from Oz I've fallen into a kind of torpor. This time of year usually does that to me - the SAD syndrome, but coupled with a little bit of jet lag meant that I was going to be a bit behind with Christmas. I usually enjoy all the preparations but I hadn't done anything before going, and to be brutally frank I just didn't want to do anything on my return. I posted 6 cards! and hand delivered a few more. I haven't even got a tree, it has to be a real one, but I just couldn't be bothered to go out looking for one. Thank goodness we're eating out on Christmas day because the thought of food shopping is enough to send me diving under the duvet! We have a few nibbly finger food things for Boxing Day.
I went for lunch with my bowls group last Friday and by Monday of this week I was starting to feel a little more enthusiastic. After lunch with my daughter and some friends on Tuesday I proceeded to make a bit of an effort and put some fairy lights around bookshelves, dresser and sideboard, my daughter hung some baubles on some doors, and after hanging up some cards it looks nicely festive. 

On Thursday we went to Freeport designer shopping outlet where I bought some basketball shoes for my grandson, it was nice because there weren't many people there, then we had lunch at Pizza Express. We planned to end the day going to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but it was fully booked, so we're going tomorrow. 
Today myself and a friend went to a lunchtime Christmas Carol Service at the Cathedral. It was lovely, I'm not religious any more but I do like singing carols. I remember them all from when my mum took me to church all those years ago. Time for a bit of present buying afterwards before returning home weary.

All that remains is to wish you, dear reader a very Happy Christmas from myself, Buster and Rufus,
These are last years photos, they didn't want to do another photo shoot!!

19 December 2016

Around Fremantle

If you visit Fremantle there are 5 must see/do that I can recommend:

1.Take a tour round the prison

It's a few years since I did it and I can't remember why I didn't take photographs, perhaps it wasn't allowed, so I bought these cards which probably show it much better than photos would have.

2. Visit the Maritime museum

3. Take the submarine tour, it's awesome

4. Visit the Roundhouse, built in 1830 as a prison, it was the first purpose built building in Fremantle 

5. Visit Freo markets

The port is also worth a visit. It is Western Australia's largest and busiest general cargo port. The inner harbour handles large volumes of sea containers, vehicle imports and livestock exports, cruise shipping and naval visits and operates 24 hours a day.

I didn't realise how grey the day had become until I saw this photo, 
amazingly though we only had a few slights drops of rain.

The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation providing learning and leadership programmes through tall ship sailing, and is mainly aimed at young people aged 14 - 25.
It's a working ship, all participants are expected to be involved in all aspects of ship operations, from sailing, steering and navigation to cleaning the ship and climbing the mast.

 This is where many immigrants first landed in Australia

The E Shed markets are heavily criticised, and unfortunately I agree with some of it. 
There are some good eating places but the merchandise is mostly made in China rubbish. 
Shame because the location is good and plenty of room for many more shops. 

The Ovation of the Seas

 I swear this ship is almost as big as my village!

Back in town

Eyes front, engage gear, where shall we go today?

And finally, if I win the lottery I will buy one of these beachfront apartments. 

They have a sun deck and I think there is a swimming pool as well. 


and tranquil views

I hope you have enjoyed my holiday photos. 

15 December 2016

Out and About in Perth

As I write this I am sad because my holiday is over and I have had to say goodbye to my darling youngest daughter. Mingled with the sadness is happiness, to be back home and seeing my grandson and my eldest daughter (son-in-law picked me up at the airport), and of course the dogs, who gave me a lovely welcome. Buster just wouldn't stop jumping up.

For the time being though lets return to Oz, I can remind myself of the glorious weather and the places I visited. You can't visit Perth without going to Kings Park, it's beautiful. Every year over 6 million visitors enjoy 600 acres of gardens, bushland, walks, picnics on the lawns, playgrounds, activities and concerts under the stars. It's also popular with joggers.

The Federation Walkway takes you over an arched bridge suspended among a canopy of trees

with views overlooking Perth city and the Swan river

The State War Memorial

Gija Jumulu (Boab Tree) estimated to be 750 years old.
The Gija people of the East Kimberley gifted the Jumula to the people of Western Australia. 
After travelling 3,200 km from Telegraph Creek in northwest Australia it was planted in Kings Park on the 20th July 2008. 

Elizabeth Quay, named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II is a new development
connecting the city with the river.

This was my final trip to Perth - for this visit, I hope to return soon :-)

6 December 2016

Moooching Around Perth

I've only just found out that in America 'mooch' means to ask for or obtain something without paying for it. But in the UK it means to loiter or walk aimlessly. That's what I have been doing, moooching around Perth looking for cows! The city is the venue for 40 life-sized cow sculpture creations by some of Western Australia's most exiting artists. I wasn't specifically looking for them, I found them because they were just there.  I only found 12 which when I tell you I didn't know where I was, isn't bad. When I say I didn't know where I was, I wasn't lost, I know where Kings Park is, and the Bell Tower, and I roughly knew in which direction the station was, I just didn't know the streets I was walking in, does that make sense?
The exhibition has been running since the 31st October and will end on the 11th December. Some will be auctioned to raise money for child health research. 
So let me introduce you to some pretty ladies.

Alice by Tjyllyungoo, the traditional name of the landscape painter Lance Chadd, a Noongar man from Western Australia. This work was inspired by Chadd’s father in honour of all Aboriginal Stockmen.

Untitled by Peter Farmer

Netter’s Atlas by Janna Braddock

Palindrome by Helen Smith

Pop Colour Cow by Penny Coss

Bubblegum Bessie by Minaxi May

Beauty X Ethics by Benjamin Kontoolas

Holy Cow by Poppy Lissiman

Comodity Cow by Lisa Dymond

Luxury Lady by Alister Yiap

Missy Moo by Jean and June Pastore

Le Grande Panache by Pascal Proteau 

Hope you have enjoyed meeting the lovely ladies.

I have also visited Kings Park and Elizabeth Quay which I will tell you about at a later date. 
I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow to stay with some friends for a few days.

Stay warm and well.

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