15 June 2015


Woke up it was a first class landing and looking out all around 
I saw people wearing coats and a fine mist on the ground

It was 11pm, I knew it wouldn't be warm,
I hoped for mild but it was cold and I was glad I had taken a lovely warm fleece!
We had arrived back from a 7 day stay in Majorca, 7 days of wonderful hot weather. 
Wednesday was our first full day with a daytime temp of 28 deg
rising steadily to 32 deg for our last day. 
Gloriously scorchio.

Myself, my grandson, my daughter and my son-in-law have had a great holiday
in the pretty resort of Ferrera Beach, Cala D’or.  
Before the holiday I was feeling a bit lacklustre about my blogging,
has that happened to you? Hopefully I can find a mojo soon. 
Meanwhile I would like to share some holiday photos with you.

I was very impressed with EasyJet, a vast improvement from the early days.

The resort was lovely with all amenities 

and the beach was a short steep walk away - 80 steps! it sounds a lot,
but it was ok and I soon got used to it. 
I looked upon it as exercise to offset all the ice creams I ate, and Burger Kings!! 

The beach was one of many small bays. 

Up Next: Nice Boats


  1. I just arrived back from a sunny holiday too. The rain and mist made it feel like England was in the grip of winter again! Thankfully it has been warmer today.

    1. Yes that's just how I felt stepping off the plane! We've had some good weather lately though, I'm finally wearing summer things, thank goodness.

  2. Oh, how cool and inviting the water looks! I want to jump in myself. Hope you're having a blast Polly.

    1. Hello Amalia, once in the pool or sea the water was lovely, I'm such a wimp about getting in though! I know I should just get in, which I did a couple of times, but mostly I just walk in bit by bit! x

  3. Looks great, Polly! Love the shot of the lilo and the pool - very arty!

  4. Looks great, Polly! Love the shot of the lilo and the pool - very arty!

    1. Thank you Mike. I took a photo of a reflection of a palm tree in the water but it didn't look right!


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