30 May 2019


More photos sorted through and safely backed up.

In 2013 I ticked off another entry on my bucket list when I did a safari

       Flying into Mtemere                                             Arrivals and departures

Selous Riverside safari camp, Tanzania. My tent

complete with en-suite

and a cute lizard on my veranda

It was a very nice camp with good amenities.

This was my first safari and a tiny bit disappointing. The camp was outside the game reserve so by the time we had had breakfast and set off on the 10 min journey to the reserve, waited for about 10 minutes to enter the reserve most of the animals had already finished their morning ablutions and were difficult to find. 

Amazing dung beetles

Monitor Lizard

Only a mother could love this face!

Greater Kudu

Female Waterbuck

Warthog for dinner

Taken at a safe distance with a zoom lens!!

The impressive African Fish Eagle (top right) has structures on its toes called spiricules that allows it to grasp fish and other slippery prey. If it catches a fish over 1.8 kg (4 pounds) it will be too heavy to allow the eagle to get lift, so instead it will drag the fish across the surface of the water until it reaches the shore, or it will drop into the water and paddle to the shore with its wings.

Black Egrets cooling off


Yellow Billed Stork & mate.
The stork searches for food, taking what it wants, then his mate takes anything else

Although I said it was a tiny bit disappointing, looking at these photos, it was a good introduction.
My next one was in Zambia, inside a national park.

After this I spent a few days in Zanzibar. You can read about that here here and here.

Be well ~
Polly x


  1. Beautiful diversified wildlife!

  2. My goodness what a trip, magnificent.

    1. Hello mama, my next one in Zambia was even better, we spent a lot more time watching the animals.

  3. What an amazing experience, dear Polly. And such great photos. I can't believe those giraffes! Looks like you got really close to the animals.

    1. Hello Amalia, I took some good photos with that camera, it was just a small Panasonic point and shoot automatic with a fairly good zoom. I bought a super zoom for my next safari :-) x

  4. Disappointing? Looks wonderful. And that 'tent'. I could imagine camping again in one like that.

    1. Hi Liz, I did sound a bit precious. The accommodation, camp and food were excellent. The animals were often difficult to find.


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