26 July 2019

Warwick Castle Part II

  The state rooms are beautiful. 

Many famous people have visited the castle

This group needs no introduction 

Lady Sackville-West enjoyed weekend parties hosted by the 5th Earl of Warwick and his wife Daisy

As did Lord Brooke, Winston Churchill, Spencer Cavendish

Lord Roberts

No shortage of entertainment

Edward Prince of Wales and Lord Curzon

All looked after by hard working staff

I loved rocking horses and dolls houses when I was a little girl

The great hall is impressive

I'm amazed how horse and rider could move with all that hardware on them

pretty Chapel

The grounds are lovely

particularly the Peacock Garden  

And finally I thought it would be good to climb the 500 steps to the top of this tower.
When I reached the top my legs were trembling!

but the view was amazing.

Be well ~
Polly x

21 July 2019

Warwick Castle

I can highly recommend a visit to Warwick Castle
It's a fine medieval castle developed from a wooden fort, originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068. From there it has had many owners.

 Don't ask me why but I decided to start my trip with a visit to the engine and pump rooms,
all the way down and then back up these steps

On the way to the engine house and pump room.
I don't know if this is part of the Castle grounds, but what a lovely place to live.

It was interesting though.
For nearly 600 years the mill used the power of the river to grind the grain. 
And 100 years ago the same power was harnessed to generate electricity for the castle.

An excellent exhibition in the medieval undercroft depicts life in the court of Richard Neville, commonly known as Warwick the Kingmaker. In 1471 he was preparing his army for battle. 



Archers practising

The canon was transported to the battle site in many pieces

The Alchemist mixing the gunpowder. 

It wasn't just the men who prepared for battle,
the women played an essential role ensuring the soldiers were fully clothed and robed.

The Master of the wardrobe consulting with the Scribe over his duties,
which on the eve of battle included equipping soldiers and issuing kit.

The Cordwainer (a highly skilled cobbler) making shoes.  

The Treasurer taking stock.

Courtesy of Befunky.com
Welcome distractions from the forthcoming battle. 
Life expectancy in those days was late 20's, everyone made the most of every free moment.

The final duties.
The Earl of Warwick rallying his elite guard.
The preparation for battle is now complete
 and come morning light his 15,000 strong army will begin their march to Barnet. 
All men must have put their personal affairs in order, made a will, 
said goodbye to their loved ones and pray to God.

The Time Tower has this wall of talking pictures telling the history of the owners of the castle.

Stay tuned for more history about Warwick Castle

Be well ~
Polly x

19 July 2019

Dollshouse No. 3

Me to my daughter: Darling if I buy another dolls house would you come with me to collect is as you know I'm not confident travelling long distances and finding destinations (even with sat nav!!)
Daughter to me, in the nicest possible way and with my best interests at heart: Mother don't you think it would be  a good idea to finish number 2 dolls house before buying a third one.

She was right of course but ......... this was the second time I had seen this particular style of house on ebay, within the right price range - £100 and within a reasonable driving distance to collect - 90 miles. I didn't want to leave it in case nothing came round again. I have loved this house from the first time I saw it on the Dolls House Emporium site years ago but just couldn't afford even the kit price, and I do not want to build one! So last Friday (why did we choose a Friday?) we spent a lot of time on the M25 travelling from Chelmsford to Aldershot to collect it. The return journey was slightly better as we avoided the M25.

The house is the Lake View by Dolls House Emporium, seen here in all its glory, smart and clean. 

Mine isn't smart and clean

It's sturdy and stable, but badly glued in a couple of places, it's dirty, dusty, slightly broken in places, has a few marks all over it, and smells musty. It has been neglected for some time. But I have grand designs for it. Check back in about 4 years!! :-)

Be well ~
Polly x

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