26 August 2015

A Handbag

I recently caught the tail end of a TV documentary about AspreysThe store was preparing for a private visit, I think it was a princess. She purchased 12 handbags, which were flown to her home in Saudi Arabia. They were gorgeous, similar design but variations of colour, I wondered if they were gifts for lucky friends or family. Later I checked out their website and handbags ranged between £12,000 and £25,000!! 
Now there’s no denying their merchandise is lovely, but it started me thinking, is the leather used for a £25,000 handbag really so much finer than that used for a £2,500 one, or even a £250 one? Is the design any more designer? Is the lining any more exquisite? Just how much better is a £25,000 handbag? I guess it's all about wealth and status. I don’t think that’s sour grapes, even if I had a shed load of money I wouldn't spend thousands on a handbag. 
How much would you spend on a handbag? Is your handbag a defining accessory or something in which to carry the stuff? Do you use the same one every day or change with the outfit you wear? Do you have seasonal bags?
I like to change mine around to suit what I’m wearing and I have summer and winter ones.
I’m very fond of handbags but can’t afford to spend a lot on them. I have a couple of designer bags which were gifts and the rest are a collection of sale bargains, high street buys, charity shop or cheap. I look after things so they last for years. If I’m replacing a worn out favourite I will research, almost painstakingly to replace it. I also like to buy on impulse when the price is right.

My latest bargain is a Bailey & Quinn spotted as I was passing through Debenhams a few weeks ago. I couldn’t afford the £129 price tag though. I often go into their store either to shop or en route to the town centre. On my next visit they were advertising “up to 50 per cent off selected items”, and said bag was £64.50. In the days when I was working I would have bought it there and then, but now I have to adjust my spending accordingly, so I reluctantly walked away. However just a few days later the price had dropped to £38.70 it was kismet! 

M&S lovely little pastel coral bag, ideal for summer.

The black and cream was another sale item from Debenhams. My first white bag was a cheap impulse buy whilst on holiday in Australia a few years ago. I loved it and it lasted a long time but eventually the handle material sort of peeled off. I replaced it with this cheap and cheerful one from New Look.


In the foreground another Bailey & Quinn reduced bargain over the shoulder small handbag to replace one I gave to the charity shop about a year ago, and then promptly regretted doing so!!
I can't remember where I got the bohemian hippy bag, it was either a sale or charity shop, but I do remember some of the stitching and beads were missing, so I replaced them, I also sewed a pocket inside for mirror, lipstick etc. It looks good with casual jeans and a plain tee.

My regular all year round navy bag. I do like Fiorelli bags.

My LV winter bag, old but still ok.

Another winter one, a red bucket bag, I liked it when I first bought it years ago, but I'm not so keen on it now, it might go in the charity bag.

This was a charity shop buy, I just liked the colour. Then I went off it and put it in the bag to take back to the charity shop, but then took it out as I decided I still quite liked it! it adds a splash of colour with a black and white outfit, and it does get a few compliments.

I love this bag and it gets loads of compliments. It has transparent sequins all over it. Great for summer.

Found this embroidered bag in Fremantle markets whilst on holiday and haggled the price down a bit. I like it but the handle is uncomfortable. Just had a thought, it could be used as a knitting bag!

An impulse buy whilst on holiday in Canada. With two compartments inside it's quite roomy and good for on the go.

I haven't use this hippy beaded bag for years but I still keep it. It was a gift from my then mother-in-law.

Another Fiorelli and another old one! The handle is very frayed but I use it occasionally, it's small and handy.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at my handbag collection. I might show you the stuff I keep in them one day!!


  1. Replies
    1. I saw a gorgeous one on someone's post recently and followed the link thinking "I wonder if it's in my price range" sadly at £248 it wasn't!

  2. You have a larger collection than I but I don't have any fun coloured ones. Maybe I should splash out! I agree that Fiorelli make great bags, I've had a couple and loved them.

    1. Hello Jenny, that's because I hate getting rid of anything! As I'm getting older I think I'm trying to make up for all the sensible practical years!


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