7 August 2015

Stinky and The Chicken Slayer

Rufus' Diary

Stinky, how outrageous, calling me such a name, me whose name has been used in the same sentence as elegant aristocrat

Let me explain. On Tuesday I got a bit smelly, well ok I got a lot smelly, they said it was dire, repulsive. 

You see just along here was this patch of, well, I’m not entirely sure what it was, probably carrion or poo, or both. It was ripe and ready for rolling in, which I did with gay abandon. By the time Scary Lady realised what I was doing it was too late, I was covered in it, face, head, shoulders, back and down one side, well it’s what us dogs do. 
Back home SL hosed me down, shampooed me, then brushed me. She said the smell was still bad though, so bad that it permeated the whole house, everywhere I went I left that revolting stench behind. I even had some really nice doggie spray rubbed into my coat, which masked if for a while, but it soon wore off. The house still smelt of it the following day, yesterday it was slightly better and although the worst of it has gone now, there is still a very slight whiff of it. SL watches me like a hawk now!
The smell will go but I fear that name will crop up now and again.

Time for a nap zzzzzzzz……….. mmm maybe there is a trace of aristocracy in my genes……………..what do you think? 

Buster's Diary

The chicken slayer. I just chased it and caught it, it’s what us dogs do. Last Sunday we were on one of our walks when we saw them in the distance. I heard Scary Lady tell someone later that she thought they were 2 pigeons and would therefore fly away safely. As we ran towards them they started squawking, they weren’t pigeons they were chickens, small chickens, I mean what were chickens doing out there in the middle of nowhere, just down that bridle path at the end of this lane.

close to where we're standing in the photo above.

The one that Rufus chased had the sense to run into the hedgerow but the one I was chasing just ran up and down, so what is a dog supposed to do? I chased and caught it. SL was cross, she shouted at me to leave it. I had feathers all around my mouth but there wasn’t any blood so I don’t think I bit it, but it wasn’t moving so perhaps it died of shock or was in a state of shock. SL felt bad about it. 

We heard later that someone in the village had dumped 5 chickens, I think those were part of that group. SL used a rude word saying how she would do something nasty to people who dump animals.


  1. Very amusing! But did Rufus REALLY find the smell repulsive - or was he just saying what he thought SL wanted to hear?

    1. aha good point Mike, yes I think Rufus was just trying to get back into my good books again :-)

  2. Baking soda is the way to go, little friend, and a good brush.

    1. Hello Amalia, thank you for that tip, I know SL uses baking soda for cleaning the oven, if I get that messy again I will pass on your suggestion :-)


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