2 September 2015

Sixes and Sevens

Sixes and Sevens: A state of confusion and disorder

That's me at the moment, all over the place, I sit down to compose a post, the phone rings and I need to deal with something. The rain has stopped, the garden has dried out so I mow the lawn before the rain returns. I suddenly remember I've run out of a few provisions and I need to go to the supermarket. And every time we have a lot of rain we lose our internet connection!! It's taken ages to complete this post.
When I was working I was good at prioritising and I do apply that to home life, but then all of a sudden my brain short circuits, an electrical malfunction occurs and I lose the plot! Instead of finishing one thing before moving on to the next I'm trying to do a dozen things but not doing any of them very well!  

Swimming on Friday with my grandson followed by a bit of shopping

Cooking and gardening on Saturday

I did some batch cooking of one of my favourite dishes. It's a sort of made up one, I call it sausage and rice mix (catchy title eh!). It's very tasty and ideal for lunch. I don't weigh anything as it's a great way to use up any left overs in the fridge. 
For four of these 13cm dishes I boil 200g of brown rice. I use Fry Light to fry Skinny Pig low fat but tasty sausages, onions, peppers, grated or diced sweet potato, courgettes or anything else you fancy. When cool I divide it between the dishes and add sultanas, apple, tomatoes, spring onions and beetroot (I adore beetroot and Morrison's do a juniper and black pepper flavour one - gorgeous). I also add a few spicy (but not hot) piquant peppers. It keeps well for a couple of days in the fridge.

And a dog show On Sunday. Thank goodness it was Sunday because although it was a dull day it did stay dry, unlike the bank holiday Monday.

our two, Buster and Rufus

I do like watching sheep dog trials, they are such clever dogs.

They're equally as good with geese

More clever dogs, police dogs demonstrating what they do.

I don't know if this little lady had just had pups or is overweight

What a cute little carrier. This lovely little dog had just had a cataract operation and the other eye needed doing so her owner used this carrier so that she didn't get stressed with not being able to see clearly.

I don't like this kind of muzzle, is it a muzzle? I don't get them, they look very uncomfortable and don't stop the dog fully opening its mouth. What is their purpose?

Lots of lovely dogs, all shapes and sizes and breeds

So cute

These two were loving the water

And of course food

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you have enjoyed it.


  1. Oh my, what sweet and precious dogs! Thanks for putting a smile on my face :) Hugs!

  2. We have a Border Collie, they are SO lovely and so willing to please! Gus isn't a working dog but he still tries to round us up when we are out walking. That's not a muzzle, I've forgotten what they are called but it's used to control excitable dogs by applying pressure to their muzzle rather than their neck like a conventional lead would to get them to stay at heel etc. It's actually a better option for dogs that pull rather than tugging at them as it just gently turns their head in the right direction so it's kinder than it looks. I am going to check out Morrision's for that beetroot!

    1. ahh, thank you Sarah. I bet Gus has a great time trying to round you up! Hope you found the beetroot. I'm growing some on my allotment, I cooked some yesterday and put some juniper berries and black pepper in but it didn't work :-(


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