24 January 2015

Spring is Getting Closer

Or am I just a hepless optimist?

As mentioned in a previous blog I’m not a winter person and could easily hibernate for most of it, only stepping outside when absolutely necessary. This morning however I was quite pleased to be out, it was cold but the sunshine was gorgeous and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue with not a cloud in sight. As I was walking to the shop I thought how nice my neighbour's ornamental crabapple tree looked with that blue sky in the background. If I had been out and about more regularly I would have noticed it when it had more fruit on it but the birds have been feasting on it, which is good. Each garden I passed showed signs of spring with small clusters of shoots emerging from their winter beds.

Back in my own garden these lovely tete a tete daffodils will soon be in bloom. The pretty little cyclamens have been blooming all winter.  

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