21 January 2015

Dolls House

When I was a little girl I had a dolls house, made by my father. It had four large rooms, hallways and lighting. I decorated and furnished it, but because I didn’t play with it all the time my father got rid of it. I cried for days.
Many decades later I was passing a dollshouse shop and saw this one in the window, reduced for a quick sale because it had faded. It was a bargain. Before I knew it I was in the shop buying it! That was in 2008.

Over the next 5 years (in between other projects, hobbies and life etc.) I lovingly decorated and furnished it.I replaced the faded roof tile paper and the brick paper at the front.

Most of the wallpaper for the rooms was samples from DIY stores, or wrapping paper. 

I used squares of felt for some of the flooring

 and furniture was purchased in the sale when the dollshouse shop closed, 
online or from other dollshouse shops. 

I can't go any further with it now though so I bought another one!

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