11 January 2015


And now we have January, such a gloomy month. Last year, to help beat the winter blues myself and a friend treated ourselves to a spa day: a body massage, sauna and jacuzzi, followed by a delicious lunch - bliss. We are going to do it again this month.
I'm not  a winter person, I like the pretty frost on the trees, virgin snow, and once I'm out and snugly dressed in my cold weather clothes I enjoy going for walks, but if I gave the lazy trait of my nature free reign I would hibernate all winter!
In my ideal world I would spend the summer months here and the winter months in Fremantle, Australia where my youngest daughter lives. I used to visit her every February but I haven't been since 2010 because she comes over here now and I have been doing other holidays. I feel the need to go back soon though, I feel a bit homesick. I look upon Oz as my second home, I just love being there, I thinks it's a great country. 
I will tell you about my first trip there in my next post 

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