8 January 2015

Australia, Monkey Mia

15/3/94 We all set off for Monkey Mia. Our first overnight stop was at Kalbarri beach resort, a very pretty place with lovely bays and beaches.

Visited Red Bluff on the India ocean

and Hawkshead Gorge. Note the genuine Australian outback hat! Loved wearing it.

16/3/94 Journey to Denham. Saw wild emus and kangaroos. Stopped at Shell beach, an amazing beach made up entirely of shells. Overnight at Shark Bay, a beautiful World Heritage site. As we travelled around my love affair with this beautiful country began.
17/3/94 Arrived at Monkey Mia. It was very quiet and the dolphins were in so we were able to get quite close to feed some of them. They were beautiful, so trusting and friendly. The Rangers explained how to behave so as not to cause them any stress or harm.

Pelican and Cormorants waiting at the kitchen hoping for some titbits

I wonder what it is like there now, I hope it hasn't become commercialised.


  1. Hi Polly, loved your shots of WA .. you will be happy to know that it's still lovely up that way, more accommodation, which was needed but the scenery and landscapes are fabulous. Monkey Mia has a resort now, just been looking at their site, looks pretty tempting for a couple of nights :) Love Fremantle too, we go down there quite often to the harbour, super place to live.

  2. Hello Grace, thank you, I've just been looking at your GREAT "Lets go Bush" shots, the Kestrel is beautiful, and the Kookaburra? looks so cute. Treat yourself to a mini break at Monkey Mia. I adore Fremantle, I really must get round to booking another trip. x


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