4 April 2015

Happy Easter

Flowers And Chocolates
A winning combination

I'm a chocoholic and I absolutely adore Cadbury's mini eggs, I stock pile them
because they're only available between Christmas and  Easter! :-)

I'm also very fond of Easter eggs, there is something different and special
about the chocolate, perhaps it's because it's thinner for moulding.

Sometimes I prefer Easter to Christmas,
there is less pressure for everything to be perfect.

I hope you have a happy/sunny/fun/peaceful Easter x


  1. Cadburys Mini Eggs are my one weakness (of many!). I tend to eat them like a bag of crisps and then blame my daughter for nicking them all!! Have a wonderful Easter my friend xx

    1. lol hello Chel, I eat them like that too, on automatic pilot, then when I put my hand in the pack to find it empty I wonder where they've all gone, how could I possibly have eaten all of them in such a short space of time!! :-) xx

  2. Lovely pictures. I too like mini eggs. It's a good job they have a limited season!

    1. Hello Jenny, yes I agree, although they are my favourites if they were available all year round I would be the size of a house!! :-)


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