19 April 2015

Baby Blackbirds

Mr & Mrs Blackbird have 3 babies. Yesterday whilst Mrs B was away for a few minutes I had a peek in the nest and was greeted with this lovely sight. More excitement!

My grandson was with me and we were both looking at the babies. 
I was mindful that mum might return at any minute, 
I didn't want her to be stressed if we were there. 
I took a few quick shots and we moved away.

Mum was on the nest again later, so we didn't cause any harm.

They are so vulnerable at this stage of their little lives.


  1. Oh wow!! They're so tiny. You were really fortunate to be able to get a picture.

    1. Hello Gillian, I'm so pleased with the photos. I didn't look through the viewfinder, just sort of pointed in the right direction and hoped for the best. I'm just about to do an update, the babies are growing so quickly.

    2. Thank you for joining my site Gillian.


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