7 April 2015

First Potatoes Sown

            I was hoping to get these in before now but the soil just hasn't been warm enough. They've been hanging around 
            in the kitchen chittting and starting to get a bit soft and wrinkly so I couldn't wait any longer. My daughter said 
            they looked like an audience which would make them spectatoes - get it - spectatoes - yes, oh well I thought it
            was funny :-)
            I had planted 4 using the red dibber when the endearing crotchety old boy came along and told me I was doing
            it wrong, he said they needed more space around them, he picked up the big fork, dug a hole and planted one, 
            then he did another and another until he had done all of them, he's 85! I tried to say thank you I will carry on 
            but he wanted to do it, he was on a mission. I thanked him profusely and gave him a peck on the cheek. 
            I think he went away happy :-)


  1. It's supposed to be warming up nicely this week so they should be fine. I hope that "endearing crotchety old boy" is heading this way to show me how to cut my grass!

    1. ha ha, no he's mine all mine! :-) he lives a couple of doors away and every year his gardens are ablaze with glorious begonias.

  2. What a lovely, funny post. Would you believe that planting potatoes seems quite exotic to me? And very wonderful at the same time.

    1. Thank you Amalia. I do feel very satisfied whenever I plant something and very pleased when they grow!

  3. Polly, My father always told me to never explain a joke! But I must say that "chitting" was a bit foreign for me. Thanks to Wikipedia (what would I ever do without Wikipedia?) I'm clued in. Seems like everyone needs a crotchety old boy now and then. Oh boy! Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Hi Tom, yes your father was correct, however, occasionally I explain one to my grandson because somehow it gets funnier as I'm explaining it! if that makes sense! Perhaps it's the way I tell them!! Thank you for dropping by.


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