4 December 2015


Bad things come in threes. I try not to be taken in by sayings, but over the last couple of weeks we have had three domestic problems. The first was the washing machine, it wasn't spinning or draining and despite my son-in-laws best efforts to research online for a fix, none was to be found so we bought a new one. 
Not to be outdone by a washing machine the dishwasher decided to play up. It got to the end of the cycle, I opened the door and was greeted by the smell of dirty water and a well of dirty, greasy water in the bottom of the machine. On went the marigolds, checked the filter, then, cloth in hand I bailed out the water to investigate further, couldn't find a way to see under the filter, so checked the pipes, no blockages so what next? As a serial optimist and one who hopes that things will miraculously repair themselves if you just keep trying! I set the machine on a different programme and - voila it worked, so it wasn't the pump, perhaps it's just that programme that's faulty, I will try it on that one again soon.
Now the central heating boiler is making loud alarming noises, a cross between a revving engine and a huge wind machine blowing through it. An engineer is coming to look at it this evening.

So, kismet or coincidence, I prefer the latter..........

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