6 December 2015

Three Weeks

Three weeks before Christmas and all round the house

Everything is rousing, even the mouse

Cards written and posted, overseas first

Need presents and food, my head’s fit to burst

Here in the UK some charities post out packs of Christmas cards in the hope that people will send in a donation. They are prints of paintings by artists with disabilities, and some of them are very nice, but for many years I returned them because I didn't particularly like most of them, and felt guilty about keeping them. One year I did send a donation but now I am of the opinion that if they send them completely unsolicited then I shouldn't feel guilty about keeping them and not making a contribution. 
Do you receive them, do you keep them, do you donate to the charity, how do you feel about them?


  1. Hello, yes we receive the free Christmas cards from various charities. Some we give to and some we don't give anything, they just have our name on their mailing list. Have a happy week ahead!

    1. Hello Eileen, very sorry for the delay, I've had a problem with my laptop. Thank you for your comments.

  2. I return them because I object to this kind of pressurised tactic but like you I'd feel guilty keeping them. It seems like a waste of charity money to me an unfairly put the onus on to the innocent receiver. I am happy to give to causes I have strong beliefs in but I think the choice of how and how much should be mine.

    1. Hi Sara, very sorry for the delay, I've had a problem with my laptop. I agree with your comments. It must cost quite a lot to post them out.


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