21 December 2015

Buster's Diary

Rufus has hurt his paw again, it's very red and sore and he's hopping around on three legs, so no walks for him for a day or two. Our walks are very wet and muddy at the moment, two songs go through SL's mind when we're out - Mud Glorious Mud and Slip Sliding Away. 
Part of our walk takes us across or beside this small stream, depending on the water level.

That's me having run through the water, it wasn't very deep then.

Some kind person has strung this very strong nylon rope around the tree to help get down the bank, it's not a long way down but when it's muddy it's like an out of control slalom course. SL holds onto the rope and abseils down into the water then she wades across. 

Getting out on this side is slightly easier because although it's muddy it isn't quite so steep.

We don't have to cross the stream but it is a nice walk through some fields and it avoids a really bad muddy area. The other day Rufus and SL had crossed over, the level was high, it reached almost to the top of SL's boots. I was still on the other side refusing to cross. SL called me a wuss which I think was a tad harsh, I'm shorter than Rufus, the water would probably have been up to my undercarriage. She tried coaxing me with tasty treats but there was no way I was crossing that stream. SL had to find a broken tree branch to act as a kind of walking pole to help her cross back. She wasn't best pleased.

The problem with weather like this is having to be hosed down when we get home, we don't like that. SL ties us up, goes indoors, comes out with her rubber gloves on and hoses us down, mmm I think some people would pay to have that done to them!! anyway where was I? oh yes, mostly it's just feet and legs, but occasionally it's the undercarriage as well, oh the indignity....


  1. Personally, I find the hosing-down bit a tad embarrassing too; sometimes, to be fair, it's a little painful. That aside, thank you for your posts and for popping across to my blog as you do. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. LOL We didn't cross the stream this morning but the little blighter actually went into it!! Thank you for visiting.

  2. Hello Olive and Pru,
    It might be embarrassing but it is for a good cause...I can't remember the last time I was hosed down...
    I wish you and Sl very happy holidays!
    Big hugs

    1. Thank you Giac, your comment made SL laugh. She sends hugs to you too x

  3. I hope that poor Rufus is recovering from both injury and embarrassment. Happy holidays.

    1. Thank you Amalia. Hope you have a very happy Christmas time x


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