23 October 2015

Dolls House

After spraying the basement I decided to put an opening in the top of the staircase at the back, leading from the basement to the ground floor. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I also knew it would bug me forever more if I didn't do it. 

The opening will be at the top of those stairs in the basement up to the ground floor of the house.

The first thing was to measure the top of the basement and the bottom of the house to ensure the two openings would match up with each other. I'm not very good at this sort of thing, I often get things the wrong way round, so I had to concentrate!

Once I was confident that my measurements were accurate I drilled holes round the edge of the opening

sawed in between the holes 

pushed the drilled piece through, and sawed and filed the edges

then did the same with the basement. 
My MO was slightly unorthodox, basically using anything that would do the job.

It's not pretty or neat but when the banister is in place it will look ok


  1. I think this project is really good - I'm dead impressed!!

  2. Looking good. Nice to see the untidy, unfinished stages in the job as well as the final results.

    1. Thank you John, I like to record projects from beginning to end.

  3. Your hobby looks like lots of fun, Polly!
    I don't have enough space in our house to do this myself, but I do enjoy playing 'The Sims' on my computer and creating houses and lots with landscaping and furnishings...My husband says its like playing with a digital dollhouse.
    God bless~ Lisa

    1. Hello Lisa, it is, I love it, I tend to work on it more through the winter months and I become completely absorbed with it. I was addicted to Tomb Raider years ago, I don't like the fast paced ones nowadays. I've heard of the Sims, it sounds very good.


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