27 October 2015

Rufus' Diary

The weather is starting to get chilly in the mornings and SL is wearing her winter coat. Some mornings she wears her gloves and hat, but she usually takes these off after about 20 minutes.

The horses are wearing their coats too

We meet lots of friends on our daily walks. This is Percy, he is SL's favourite, he is brilliant, he's only 2 and full of life, he always chases around with Buster and me but he can never catch us. He has been very well trained, he sits and waits, and returns to his owner when told to.

This is Henley, he is also about 2 and loves running around with us. SL likes him too.

We only met Harry and Treacle recently, they don't usually do this route, their owner's daughter was walking them this day. They are so sweet.

There are others we meet, SL is going to try to get photos of them.

This cute sheep is a doorstop. I've taken a liking to it and want to keep it near my bed 
but I know it will be put back in the study soon.

 I can pick it up another time though because they know I won't chew it, I just like collecting things.

We've all had a lovely weekend visiting relatives in St Helens, and SL finally got to visit Liverpool.


  1. Olive and Peru has been included in our Sites To See #456. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


  2. Your photos are lovely, and it is so nice to see the horses in warm and colourful coats! :)

    1. Thank you Linda. Your profile picture is awesome x

  3. Love the photos of all your animal friends! You are very lovely too :-)
    Blessings & Love~ Lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa. I like your camper and the Whoof Pack x


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