12 April 2024

U3A Easter Meeting

The meeting was very well attended and very well organised.
There were quizzes on each table and guessing items around the room.

Look at this package of deliciouness,
unfortunately I didn't guess the correct weight

nor did I guess the name of the bunny or the correct amount of eggs in the jar.
I didn't win the raffle, and my table didn't win the quiz.

All that chocolate and I didn't get my hands on any of it!! :-( 

I forgot all about making an Easter bonnet.
The winner was the one with the blue flowers on the brim.

Despite not winning any chocolate it was a lovely afternoon and the sandwiches, as usual, were utterly delicious, all from M&S. We also had yummy cakes, orange drinks and cups of tea.

Visiting the toilet before leaving I found this, another toilet twinning, I think lots of churches support the scheme. This one is to be found at Bagnontenga Village, Burkino Faso, latrine no. 94019. Supporting toilet twinning helps to flush away poverty.

∼ Be safe and well∼ 
Polly x 


  1. Wow, those were quality prizes! Maybe next year you'll win!

    1. They were Debra, which is why I was gutted not to win one!! :-)

  2. Sorry you didn't win chocolate. I love your outlook. Sounds like you still had a great time.

  3. Sounds a lovely time, my husband and I are fronting the Gardening Group next Saturday as we're having an Open U3a day.

    1. ooohh I wish I lived closer :-) I hope you have a fantastic time.


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