16 September 2020

Libra September 23rd - October 22nd

Miss Claire Voyant's horoscope for Libra

Sharing your Libra birthday with ME, John Lennon, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Julie Andrews, and a few million others.

The Personality
Libras are best known for our love of balance, not in the way of tightrope walking, but in keeping everything on a fair and even keel, hence the scales. We thrive on making things orderly, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. We cannot stand chaos or mess. We are the astrological equivalent of Marie Kondo!
Being ruled by Venus the goddess of art and pleasure we have a love for all things beautiful, and we ourselves are charming and beautiful social butterflies.  Relationships are important to us, we love being in love. We make excellent friends, being supportive and loyal confidants. 
We can also be super creative and clever, which is why so many Libras are artists, writers, actors, actresses, athletes, and dancers. Sometimes, we can even be politicians, especially due to our diplomatic nature. We are people-pleasers, which usually makes us popular with others, and if there’s drama afoot, we love playing mediator and exercising our diplomacy skills. We are the kings and queens of compromise. And we are extremely generous.
WOW we're almost perfect  😂

We're not though so let's look at the negatives. We can be:
Indecisive (yes often)
Overthinkers (yes)
Superficial (oh dear I hope not)
Shallow (ditto above)
Self-indulgent (occasionally)
Gossipy (well someone has to be!)

Libras prediction
The presence of major planets like Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in the fourth house denotes that a major change is in the offing, so get ready to ride the train of success.
This is a good time to follow through on projects. Leaving many unfinished matters in your life only creates clutter that keeps other things from entering the picture. Either dismiss the project entirely or finish it and move on to something else. Don't leave things hanging, including people. Tell others what's going on and you'll be more successful in the long run. 
A Venus-Mars trine (an angle formed on a birth chart) can point to some romantic excitement or a rekindling of feelings. Love (or lust) may be starting to grow. For some Libras this could be a romance that makes your toes curl.
Some news that you've been waiting for could arrive, and it will leave you feeling pretty darned delighted! You need to find a way to share your happiness with the people who make you happiest. If you can plan something around food, try to arrange a small get-together. If not, just bask in the accolades that you so richly deserve. This could be the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Be safe and well ~
Polly x


  1. Balance is a great thing to seek in life.

    1. It is Debra, I've tried to achieve it most of my life.

  2. Made me smile. Hope you get the news that you have been waiting for...

  3. Happy Libra birthday, my friend! Here's to good news, balance and loveliness!

  4. I don't know anyone who's Libra, but the first paragraph of The Personality would describe me very well. I definitely can't stand chaos or mess!

    (By the way, the comment box has a nasty habit of jumping upwards and emptying while I'm making a comment so I have to make the comment again. Very strange)

    1. I don't know anything about the comments box. A few things happen with blogger that I can't explain, and this new blogger seems to have something different each time I open it!

  5. Belated Birthday wishes to you Polly and I also hope that you get some good news as the prediction suggested. By the say, I too have the same problem that Nick said happens when he leaves a comment. It starts and then disappears and the second time works...Blogger is very strange indeed!

    1. Thank you Beatrice, it's actually on Saturday, my friend reminded me yesterday, I lose track of time!


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