8 November 2015


Sitting with my feet up, a glass of Asti in hand watching Downton Abbey. I'm devastated that tonight's episode will be the last one ever!!

It's been a bit of a busy day, morning walk with the dogs. It's getting very slippery under foot now. I slipped over the other day, I was climbing over a stile and my foot just slid from under me, thank goodness I was holding on to the top of the fence.

I don't clean my boots very often as they just get very dirty every day, but this morning I decided to give them a quick clean.

Catching up with emails, followed by a bit of work on my dolls house. 

Ham sandwich for lunch, then over to my allotment for some carrots and parsnips for dinner.

A bit more work on my dolls house

prep time, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots

mmm 50 minutes in the rotisserie, cooked to perfection

potatoes and parsnips cooked in the Actifry

Frozen Yorkshire puds, I like cooking and usually do everything from scratch, except these, I've tried but I just can't get them to rise and taste as good as these little beauties.

put it all together

with sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce 


and of course a glass of my favourite fizz

oooh I think Downton is going to be a bit weepie

PS The trailer for Downton said it was going to be the series finale, but at the end they announced there will be a Christmas episode. I thought it strange that such a popular series wouldn't have a Christmas episode.


  1. That looks delicious and how lovely to have grown your own veg, I'd love to have an allotment! I haven't watched any of Downton, I'm not sure why, I know it's exactly the sort of thing I'd love, maybe I'll get the box set. The trick to really good Yorkshires is getting the fat sizzling hot before pouring in the batter but maybe it's just one of those things that just don't work for you. I know my pastry always disappoints me. Just as well you can buy great Yorkshires AND pastry these days :-)

    1. I think also I use the wrong flour, I've always used self raising but I read somewhere that plain is best. You're right, I think it is just one of those things, now my pastry is usually always good :-) I still have a few sweetcorn, carrots and cabbages on the allotment, and purple broccoli for next year, and yesterday I noticed some newly grown raspberries! I would definitely recommend Downton.

  2. Oh, my word, Polly! You're an amazing cook. The roasted chicken is beautiful and it's making my mouth water just looking at it. I can only imagine how delicious this meal was. Sounds like this was a perfect day. xo

    1. Thank you Nancy, I do enjoy cooking, and a roast dinner in particular. It was a good day x


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