25 September 2021

Rufus' Diary

Hello dear reader, Rufus here, got my paws on the laptop to write a bit about what's going on.
Autumn already, mornings are dewy and cool giving way to beautiful warm days. We have had some lovely hot weather but not enough for Polly to say it's been a great summer. 
Autumn means blackberries, and Polly has been gathering loads for a blackberry and apple pie and a delicious crumble. I waited patiently on the lead each time while she picked them, it seemed to take ages. She kept saying what a good boy I was, and she did give me a few blackberries, and a few tasty morsals of cheese :-) I was hoping she wouldn't be picking any more because she doesn't think the red ones will ripen now, but she was checking them out this morning!

In the country
Back in the spring we had a lot of humid rainy days, which resulted in lots of fungi. 

These look pretty

but they're probably lethal

As for this one, well it's just rude, it smelled disgusting, and had flies all over it.

This looks like a poached egg!

Crops have been harvested

That's a mighty impressive machine

  fields are being ploughed

This field smelled lovely after the grass had been cut

We've seen a few trees with numbers on them, I think they are going to be felled.

In the garden

this hollyhock grew to about 10 feet

What a splendid spider

Polly loves the David Austen roses

Isn't this perfection

A house we pass regularly on our walks had lots of childrens toys outside with a note saying "please help yourself". Polly thought this was like a cute mini version of me! It hasn't got any beads on it, or anything dangerous. I don't chew things though, I just collect them and keep them close by.

In the village

The cream teas on the church lawn have finished. There have been six throughout the summer, raising money to reburfish the church. It hasn't been the best year weather wise, three had to be held in the church because of rain. Polly baked a couple of cakes and helped out serving.

And finally, a bit of fun

Where's my dinner, no seriously where is it?

Be safe and well
Rufus 🐾


  1. Thanks for the update, Rufus! I hope your dinner arrives soon. Good help is so hard to find these days, isn't it.

    1. It certainly is Debra, a dog could waste away waiting to be fed!

  2. What a great walk -- and beautiful territory. The cream teas look lovely and I hope the fruit pies are as delicious as they sound. And they DO sound delicious, especially when you know exactly who picked the fruit. Those roses are fabulous!

    1. Hello Jeanie, the pie was ok, but the crumble was scrumptions, I was given a small piece of it :-)

  3. Such a lovely newsie post, Rufus. You and Polly have been busy.

  4. Dear Rufus, I was wondering how you were getting on. Glad you didn't try to eat any of those fungi, you might have been very ill. And I applaud your patience while Polly was picking loads of blackberries. The spider is magnificent. I hope you didn't frighten it by being a bit too curious. I hope you're enjoying the autumn!

    1. Thank you for your lovely reply Nick. No I didn't go near the fungi. The spider was fine, it almost posed for the camera! Just when I thought there were no more ripe blackberries Polly found some this morning. I like Autumn but I will be glad when the blackberrying is finished!!

  5. Rufus, you are wise not to eat any of those fungi especially that rude one with the flies!

    I bet Polly's pies were amazing!

    1. Hello Veronica, the pie was allright, but the crumble was mighty scrumptious. I had a small amount of both. She will be making another crumble tomorrow :-)


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