14 May 2021

Rufus' Diary

Polly has got some new walking boots. They were more than her £70 limit but they are super comfy,
and she (morbidly) thought they could well be the last pair she buys so she splashed out an extra £30 and bought them.

A few weeks ago we met Maisie and her owner. When we first met she was very nervous, her hackles were up, she was baring her teeth and growling at me. We've been meeting once a week since then to help socialise her. Now she's friendly, we run around and play, we get on very well.

Bluebell wood has changed slightly. We used to be able to walk through and out at the other end. 
After rounding this bend above

                             the path leads to a very small dip then 
round to the left of that tree stump,
down another very small dip, up onto the field and onwards.
A couple of months ago the farmer enlarged the ditch 
and now .....

the bank is higher and the ditch is much deeper. It looks as f people have been crossing it,
I can run down it and up the other side but Polly wouldn't attempt it.

From the other side.

We still enjoy walking in the wood though, we just turn round and go back the way we came. 

The bonfire is still burning!

Bees are busy

Sweet little ladybirds sunbathing.

Some weeds are quite pretty. We've seen a lot of cowslips.

These are pretty but Polly doesn't know what they are, weeds or flowers.
She's hoping one of you lovely readers will know.

Polly received these beautiful flowers from her Aussie daughter for Aussie Mother's Day.

How cool is this car

not quite so cool!! There aren't any bends in this part of the road, the road is wide enough for two way traffic, the surface hasn't been slippery. Polly thinks it might have been stolen for joy riding.

The badgers have been busy again. Last year they had created 3 large openings to their sett.
The original and largest opening is the mound at the top of the picture, the second one at the top of Polly's shadow and the third one over to the left. 

After all that rain last winter and the beginning of the year their sett started to subside,
seen here in the middle of the picture above.

and then in March this happened, everything flattened and ploughed over 

The tunnels would still be there underneath the grassy area, so, undeterred they just started again.

and now they have two openings. I think it might be a work in progress.

🐾 Be safe and well 🐾
Rufus x


  1. Beautiful bluebell woods. And those ladybirds!

    1. There were loads of them around the garden.

  2. Glad you have a new friend, Rufus. Those ladybugs look huge to me. The bluebells are lovely. The flowers resemble daisies, but I know they’re not.

    1. Polly thought they looked like daisies.

  3. You see interesting things on your walkies, Rufus!

    1. We do Debra. We have lots of routes to choose from :-)

  4. A pleasant country ramble. I think those flowers are Greater Stitchwort. May you have many more pairs of walking boots - especially if you wreck them as quickly as I do!

    1. Thank you John, I thought you would know :-) The boots do tend to get some rough treatment.

  5. Such a beautiful country walk!

  6. Hi Polly...what a lovely post from a beautiful walk...enjoy your weekend...love from me...and love for Rufus from Leaf and me...🍀🍀🍀

    1. Hello Ria, it's good to hear from you, I hope you are doing well x

  7. You and Polly have a beautiful place to walk. I love the bluebells and, well, all the wild flowers. I'm glad she brought her camera! Badgers! That seems a bit strange to me. We don't have those here though, we do have armadillos and those can be strange too.

    1. Armadillos, wow, we've only seen those in wildlife programmes.

  8. Dear Rufus, I'm glad the badgers are still active despite all the disturbance. And you do know that dogs aren't meant to drive cars? No wonder that car you "borrowed" went off the road.

    Eight ladybirds is good going. So far this year I've only seen one. Glad you're now getting on famously with Maisie.

    Woof woof!

    1. ha, ha, thank you Nick. Earlier this year there were absolutely loads of ladybirds in the garden, but we haven't seen any lately.

  9. You have a beautiful walking area. Bluebell wood is especially pretty. I think I would just bring a book and settle under a tree!

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  11. I went to the bottom of our garden yesterday and was surprised to see so many bluebells, they do add a lovely touch of colour.

    I love the photos of the ladybirds.

    And ouch I'm glad that car in the ditch isn't mine. Poor thing.

  12. A beautiful walk and those flowers for 'Mothers Day' are beautiful too.

    All the best Jan

  13. Rufus, you did very well in telling us all about the walk you and Polly took and her new boots came in very handy. The Mother's Day blooms were lovely. The unidentified wildflowers almost looked like daisy oxbow to me.


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