6 July 2018

A Good Read, well sort of

Splinter by Sebastian Fitzek

What would happen if we could erase the worst experiences of our lives forever from our memory? Marc Lucas is slowly putting his life back together after the car crash that killed his pregnant wife when things start to go horribly wrong. His credit cards stop working. His key no longer fits his door. He discovers someone else working in his office and one day he comes home to find himself face to face with his dead wife, and she doesn't have a clue who he is. 

Could this have anything to do with the clinic? They wanted to test their ability to remove traumatic memories from live subjects. Marc had met them, just once, but declined their experimental technology. He now fears they may have begun their tests illicitly... 

This started very well, the subject matter and the splinter in Marc’s head had the makings of a chilling psychological thriller, a roller coaster ride of conspiracies, paranoia or madness, and, if you are familiar with Berlin the descriptions of the places the characters moved around in added some interest and atmospheric background.  But after a while the replicated twists were tiresomely confusing and the conclusion was absurd.

~Happy Reading ~
Polly x


  1. I don't do all that well with psychological thrillers. So, I'm not sure on this one but the premise is interesting.

    1. Hi Jeanie, I would probably put it at the bottom of a "To Read" list.

  2. The plot sounds intriguing but it is a pity that the ending appears to have been disappointing. I have just started on a book called I am Pilgrim which someone on holiday insisted that I read. I have only read the first chapter so difficult to make a judgement at this juncture.

  3. I think I'll rule that one out after your non-recommendation. Luckily I have a natural tendency to forget bad experiences. They have to be really awful to stick in my mind for any length of time. My memory of boarding-school bullying has only faded appreciably in the last few years.


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