23 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Oh dear the outside fairy lights are sad, half of them don't work, I had planned to replace them this year but my holiday took priority over Christmas preparations.
Since arriving back from Oz I've fallen into a kind of torpor. This time of year usually does that to me - the SAD syndrome, but coupled with a little bit of jet lag meant that I was going to be a bit behind with Christmas. I usually enjoy all the preparations but I hadn't done anything before going, and to be brutally frank I just didn't want to do anything on my return. I posted 6 cards! and hand delivered a few more. I haven't even got a tree, it has to be a real one, but I just couldn't be bothered to go out looking for one. Thank goodness we're eating out on Christmas day because the thought of food shopping is enough to send me diving under the duvet! We have a few nibbly finger food things for Boxing Day.
I went for lunch with my bowls group last Friday and by Monday of this week I was starting to feel a little more enthusiastic. After lunch with my daughter and some friends on Tuesday I proceeded to make a bit of an effort and put some fairy lights around bookshelves, dresser and sideboard, my daughter hung some baubles on some doors, and after hanging up some cards it looks nicely festive. 

On Thursday we went to Freeport designer shopping outlet where I bought some basketball shoes for my grandson, it was nice because there weren't many people there, then we had lunch at Pizza Express. We planned to end the day going to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but it was fully booked, so we're going tomorrow. 
Today myself and a friend went to a lunchtime Christmas Carol Service at the Cathedral. It was lovely, I'm not religious any more but I do like singing carols. I remember them all from when my mum took me to church all those years ago. Time for a bit of present buying afterwards before returning home weary.

All that remains is to wish you, dear reader a very Happy Christmas from myself, Buster and Rufus,
These are last years photos, they didn't want to do another photo shoot!!


  1. simple and nice decorations... Merry Christmas...

  2. It looks perfect, Polly. Have a wonderful Christmas and all that's good in the New Year x.

  3. A Merry Christmas to you too, thanks for your kind wishes. The dogs look so cute!


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