19 November 2016


G'day and greetings from down under. 
I have been grinning like a Cheshire cat since my arrival, I'm so happy to be with my daughter again, and it's good to be back in Fremantle.
I had good flights. Etihad Airways had been advertising on TV quite a bit so I thought I would try them and was very pleased with the service they provided. We didn't have to wait long for meals and they were very attentive to our needs. The shorter 6 hour leg of the journey from the UK to Abu Dhabi was on an Airbus A380, and with slightly wider seats, slightly more leg room and an empty seat inbetween me and the young girl in the aisle seat it was a very comfortable flight. The longer 10 hour flight from AD to Perth was on a Boeing 777. With the original size seats and a young solid chap in the seat next to me it wasn't as comfortable but I had a nice meal, watched Tarzan and then slept until breakfast, so it was all good.
I will be posting some photos soon.


  1. Well, g'day to you! Looking forward to some piccies.

  2. I am thrilled for you that you are with your daughter and that you had great flights. Enjoy your break away. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

    1. Thank you mama, sorting through photos now!

  3. Hope you're having a lovely visit, Polly.


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