5 September 2016

Dolls House No. 2


Off the shelf dolls houses usually have pre-drilled holes in the ceilings of each room, anything else has to be done the best way possible. Drilling holes in the backs of the rooms is straightforward but I wanted to put downlights in the kitchen and bathroom, not straightforward. A standard size drill just won't fit into a dolls house size room! You can buy small hand drills but I'm not sure how effective they are. A builder friend and all round good guy loaned me this neat device. 

A flexible shaft extension

One end fits into the end of the drill

and the drill bit fits into the other end

"voila" the bendy cable fits into any small space

Allowing me to drill holes for the down lights in the kitchen and bathroom.
I then bought some small eyelets from Hobbycraft, job done.
The wiring wasn't quite so simple!!

I used  grain of wheat bulbs, ready made wiring fitted with a tiny bulb. (The writing isn't anything to do with the lighting, it's for the flooring). The lights that go through the holes nearest the back, and the ones that go through the middle holes have wires that are long enough to fit the bulbs into the eyelets and reach from the eyelets, across the floor, through a hole to the back and into a socket,

but the wires for the lights for the front of the room weren't long enough so I had to do some joining. 

Because it was such a fiddly job I used this lid to keep my tools and the tiny wires in
so that each time I dropped something I could see where it fell!

I joined each wire separately and then taped the two firmly together

Now I have my downlights in the kitchen and bathroom.


  1. This is a great tutorial, thank you. That is one hell of a useful tool!

    1. Hello Simon, thank you. It certainly is a great little tool and easy to use. It's good to hear from you.

  2. Well done!! I have the lights, I have the dolls house but still haven't done this. I really must before Christmas!! xx

    1. Hello Chel, I go through phases where I do lots of work on my dolls house and then nothing for ages!

  3. Hello Polly,
    That is great work. Thank you for showing us how to do it.
    Big hug

  4. Wow Polly, that's great! I have a dolls house that I bought for Miss Mac when she was 6, it only cost me £40 from a charity shop and it's beautiful! It just sitting in my bedroom gathering dust but I keep meaning to sort it out. It was fitted with electrics but they haven't worked in the time I've had it. I must take it out and dust it off and do a post on it to show you xx

    1. Hi Sarah, I would love to see it xx

  5. Wonderful! I'm so fascinated and impressed by this project of yours. What is it that makes miniature models so beguiling?

    1. Hello Mike. I like planning what I'm going to do with the rooms, old, traditional, contemporary, thinking about how to achieve it - make it or buy it, colour schemes, furniture, decor, lighting. I still feel a sense of satisfaction each time I look at the first one I did. It's just a very absorbing hobby.


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