18 September 2016

Buster's Diary

Our walks are slightly better now that the weather is a little cooler, SL is still wearing shorts though, well knee length ones, she doesn't want to scare the horses! Despite going out earlier it was getting uncomfortably hot by the time we were on our way back. 

Whenever we did this particular route Rufus would collapse in the shade of a tree and refuse to move.

There he is, at the top of the black arrow. SL and I would get further round this bend before he decided to catch up with us!

The crops have been gathered

acorns are appearing

and these, we don't know what they are.

One of our walks takes us along this lane

keeping an eye out for the ducks

across a field and through this opening, which SL says always feels as if she's in Narnia, 
walking through a wardrobe, wondering what's on the other side

cool and shady is on the other side.  

and then opens out above a fishing lake. 

Guess what? Rufus and I have discovered a liking for blackberries

When SL was helping a fellow dog walker pick some I started eating them straight from the branches. 

Rufus wasn't sure at first, SL was picking them for him 

but after watching me he soon got the hang of it.

One day last week Rufus had an encounter with something. He had gone through the stile, I was just going through when he ran off barking, then he yelped. I chased after him and SL followed, but she didn't see another animal.   

There was a cut in the corner of his mouth. SL thought it might have been a stoat, we also have mink in the area. She heard later from a reliable source that a domestic cat had been seen in remote areas. Whatever it was it must have had sharp teeth to inflict such a deep wound, and probably had to stand up on its rear legs to reach his mouth.

And finally 

Rufus having fun in a puddle. 

Part of this field has become very waterlogged after the farmer did some work in a field above it. 

Then he decided to lie down to cool off! 

Look at the state of him.

Needless to say he had to be hosed down when we got home!
We avoid this field now!

Hope you've enjoyed my latest diary entry.

Have a good week


  1. You certainly took us on a wonderful stroll and I love the antics of Rufus.

    1. Thank you mama. Rufus certainly keeps us entertained!

  2. Hello Polly,
    All I can say after this post is that Rufus is gorgeous! what a beautiful dog. I am glad he wasn't injured too badly when he got that cut.
    big hug

    1. Hello Giac, thank you for your lovely comments. He is indeed gorgeous and beautiful. He was a rescue dog and repays us daily with his affectionate nature. He loves life, and his collection of toys!. His injury is healing well xx

  3. I love Buster's diary and that look like a lovely walk. I miss the days when Gus used to bound around like Rufus, he's more of a shambler these days and although he likes coming blackberry picking with me I don't think he's ever eaten one xx

    1. Thank you Sarah. We have a few lovely walks right on our doorstep. I love to watch Rufus bounding around. It's sad when our beloved pets (and me!) slow down :-) x

  4. Great post, Polly! I loved the pictures of the lovely scenery and Rufus's mud bath.

  5. Hello, what a wonderful walk. Your dog Rufus is beautiful. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Hello Eileen, thank you, he is a lovely boy. Hope you have a good weekend too.


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