2 May 2015

Empty Nest

The babies have flown the nest, I would have liked to see them go but that would have meant 
watching the nest all the time or setting up a webcam, neither of which I could do.


  1. Like all babies, they soon grow up. The nest is a little work of art.

    1. Hello Jenny, I'm amazed at how quickly they have grown, but I suppose its necessary for survival against predators. When I first discovered the nest I thought it looked vulnerable with not much support around it, but when I had a good look at it after they had gone, you're right it is a work of art. They built it around those bits of frame and through the strong green netting.

  2. So this is where the term "empty nester" come from. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. What a wonderful experience to have shared in xx


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