24 May 2015

Around The Garden

I love my garden and May is one of my favourite months. Most days especially at this time of year I like to walk around to see what's growing.
Last year's perennials putting in an appearance
a reduced bargain from last year
something a bird has deposited
or the wind has blown in
or even better
something I thought was dead. 
Come and join me to see what's going on 

This was reduced, I can't remember what it is though, 
I think the label is in a drawer in the shed!

Mr Happy. I'm not normally a gnome person,
but I couldn't resist this and others from the pound shop

Bleeding Heart
I love a bargain and a challenge. 
They were practically giving this away because it looked dead. 
I didn't think it would survive but I nurtured it and so far it has rewarded me with 3 years of lovely blooms. It's such a sad name for a pretty plant. 
It has a sad story attached to it. Legend tells how a young Japanese man tried to win the love of a young lady by giving her a pair of rabbits (the first two petals of the flower), a pair of slippers (the next two petals), and a pair of earrings (the last two petals). She rejected his affections, and, heart-broken he plunged his sword into his heart 
(the middle part of the flower). 

That's Mr Jolly on the right.

 Mr Pink sinking into the soil  

Mr Bashful hiding behind some bluebells

Bluebells and Hydrangea

I feel I know what this is but I can't recall its name!

This has spread from my neighbour's garden, another one has
spread from my neighbour's garden on the other side as well!

A lone pansy leftover from last year

pretty yellow poppies wind blown or birds

Pretty blossom on the cherry tree. I only manage to harvest a few, the birds get most of them!

I have no idea what this is, I like it and it was reduced.

These strawberries were little runners from the main plants on my
allotment last year. I had given many away and these were left over. 
I didn't want to throw them away but I neglected them over winter
and then all of a sudden they picked up again.
There were 12 in total and I have since given them away.

Foxglove and bronze fennel competing for space. 
The fennel will have to go. 
I like them and adore the smell but they are way too invasive.

Geum Mrs Bradshaw

My half price David Austen climbing rose is not looking very good at the moment

Azalea, a gift from a friend


Hostas from a coffee morning sale
Looking good so far
I gather up the snails and put them in my wheelie bin

My young wisteria has been in bud like this for ages. Hope it blooms soon.

This just started growing, I don't know what it is but it's very pretty

This cotinus was another reduced bargain but it's growing horizontal instead of vertical.

As you can see my garden is a collection of allsorts. Each year I think I will try to be more structured but it just doesn't happen. Things just grow and I don't like pulling them out!

I hope you have enjoyed your trip.
How does your garden grow?


  1. I love your happy gnome, Polly. A ladybug landed on me once, it tickled.

    1. Hello Amalia, he is cute, they add some cheer to the garden, especially in winter x

  2. Thanks for the tour. Tom The Backroads Traveller


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