14 March 2015

Dolls House No. 2

       After doing as much as I could 
      with dollshouse number one I
      thought about  selling it and 
      buying another one. I looked on 
      ebay to get an idea of what I could 
      get for it. It didn't take long to 
      realise that it wouldn't be much,
      but also after having done so much
      work decorating and furnishing it 
      decided I wanted to keep itThen I 
      saw this one, it was a bargain, ready
      assembled and close to home to
      collect so I bought it. It's much
      bigger than my first one so it will 
      keep me busy for a while!


  1. There was a dolls house shop just down the road from me for years where a man lovingly made and decorated the most beautiful dolls houses. Sadly it didn't pay but he's since moved on to restoring furniture along side the dolls house business. I bought my daughter a lovely dolls house many years ago from a charity shop, it's really lovely with gabled ends and a bay window. Completely decorated and furnished with electrics (which don't work but probably could be made to) for only £40, a real bargain! It has sustained a little damage over the years as she has played with it a lot, I must find time to restore it at some point, at the moment it's living in my bedroom to keep it safe.

    1. Hello Sarah, it is an absorbing hobby. The shop where I bought my first one from closed down. There are a couple of shops not far from here, I can usually get what I want, but I think they struggle. I do buy online sometimes but I like to see the items. I enjoy the creative element, lighting, decorating and furnishing. I can’t make up my mind what style to do my second one in though!


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