28 March 2015

Borough Market

Back on terra firma and just a short walk away from the Shard is the superb Borough Marketrenowned for exceptional British and international produce, a haven for anyone who loves eating and drinking- who doesn't?!!

As far back as the 11th century London Bridge attracted traders selling grain, fish, vegetables and livestock. In the 13th century traders relocated to what is now Borough High Street and a market has existed there ever since. In 1755 the market was closed by Parliament, but a group of Southwark residents raised £6,000 (a princely sum in those days!) to buy a patch of land known locally as The Triangle, once the churchyard of St Margaret's church, and reopened the market in 1756. 

Shocking behaviour!!

The Sports poster is dated 1914 and the admission price was sixpence. When I stood and looked at the background I imagined all those people going about their daily business and wondered what they would make of London today, with buildings like the Shard just down the road.

Southwark Cathedral

Cafes, bars and restaurants offer a plethora of goodies, bakery, 
charcuterie, dairy, drinks, seafood, meat, fruit and veg.

                           A novel use for an old telephone box

And to finish off a perfect day you can go home with a 
beautiful bunch of flowers and some pretty tableware. 


  1. Markets are such fun! Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Hi Tom, I love markets, I would like to go Camden market next, it's years since I last went.

  2. I love this market. As to the Shard... well, my Grandad was born in 1908 and knew London like the back of his hand. When plans of the Shard were being put together he was against it and I am so glad it wasn't built until after he died. Awful building that blots the landscape. Sorry, but I know I am not alone. However, the market and all other buildings along the South Bank are so diverse and great to visit. Take care xx

    1. I would like to go to the market again when the weather is better and have more time to spare. Our visit was at the end of the day so we didn't have long enough to have a good leisurely look around, also it was getting really cold by then so we just wanted to get back on the coach! I'm surprised planning permission was granted for the Shard, I bet a lot of people were against it, but I suspect money influenced the decision xx


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