8 February 2015

That Pesky Cat

Now and again when Rufus is in the front lounge he does an eerie bark, a sort of cross between a bark and a howl, I know it’s Rufus and I know why. Our neighbour’s cat often sits on the wall outside the front window.

Can you see that Pesky cat Buster

I’ve owned cats and dogs and although dogs are my favourite I really admire the cleverness of cats. I love the way they can always find a warm, dry, comfortable place to sleep, my little cat could recognise the sound of my car and would come bounding down the side path meowing to greet me when I arrived home from work, but most of all I admire the way they know how to get one over on a dog! Many years ago I had a Doberman but that little cat was the boss and boy did she tease him. I had an armchair in the corner of my dining room, she would wind him up to chase her and then run behind the chair. Poor Max, he fell for it every time, he would charge after her and get wedged between the chair and the wall!

Need a sit down now.

It's not me, I stopped barking ages ago.

So the cat just sits on the wall, I'm sure she can hear our dogs barking and she knows they can't get to her,
it drives them mad, more so Rufus, I think Buster is used to it now!


  1. Lovely photos!
    Years ago, when my brother and I went to school, our cat knew at what time to expect us to come back, and would wait by the window and run out to meet us... I still miss him and dream about him every now and then.
    Have a great week ahead!

    1. Thank you Sara. I miss my little cat too, she died too soon x

  2. My Coco gives out a high pitch yelp like she is in pain when she sees a cat. I can't understand her though as when she first came into our house as a cute little puppy, we had two cats that were bigger than her and she used to dote on them. I suppose she still sees the cats (now long gone) as the rightful owners of the garden and not the imposters. Have a great week xx


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