24 December 2014

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from the dogs (and me). The plan was to get Buster and Rufus to pose nicely together with Buster wearing the red santa hat and Rufus wearing a gold paper crown, my daughter and grandson were going to be just out of view bribing them with bits of cheese. What actually happened was chaos! Buster sits very well when told to, Rufus has never sat (he's a rescue dog and apparently it’s a greyhound thing) but he will lay down when told to. However with the scent of cheese in the air they were on full alert. They would sit for a few seconds and then get up hoping for another little titbit, then sit or lay down on opposite sides of the room. They kept shaking the hats off and the paper crown broke! So although I haven’t got the one photo I hoped for I am pleased with these even though they do look a bit fed up!
I will introduce them properly at a later date.

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