30 December 2014

Meet Buster

Buster was such a cute puppy but he was a little devil in the garden. He used to sit beside me while I was gardening and I thought how sweet was that, watching while I was planting shrubs. However what was really happening was that he was planning his MO. As soon as I had finished, put everything away, gone indoors and the coast was clear he would pull out some of the newly planted shrubs, throw them around and generally have a good time chewing them to pieces! He also enjoyed digging holes in the lawn where the turf had gone brown from his wees. No matter how much I scolded him he just carried on trashing the garden. So we put some small green fencing around the garden borders and covered the re-seeded holes with chicken wire, and as he got a bit older he calmed down and I was able to re-claim a nice garden. Now he’s as good as gold.


  1. They are little wotsits at first aren't they?!! My Coco is 9 today and on heavy medication for her illness so after two hours she is zonked completely. The house is a lot quieter I have to say. Have a very Happy New Year x

  2. Hello Chel, I'm sorry I don't think I replied to you on this one. I looked up Coco's condition, it sounds very painful, bless her, I hope she will be all right.
    I'm slowly making my way around your site, it's lovely. I like your Curiosity Shop. I have 2 dolls houses. The first one is finished, I can't do any more with it, I have another one now that I have started work on x


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