31 December 2014

Meet Rufus

Rufus was a rescue dog and is about two years old. He is a real character, crazy and funny. He is very handsome, all legs, never walks, runs everywhere and leaps over the sofas! He loves to have something to play with, mostly old footballs, he's great at playing throw and catch.
His previous owner had let him sleep upstairs so when he first arrived he bounded upstairs and went to make himself comfortable on one of the beds. We quickly pointed out that that wasn't allowed here and now he knows that upstairs is out of bounds.
His universe revolves around food. Every day around 5.30 he starts asking for his dinner by walking around and looking at one of us as if to say "come on I want my dinner" He keeps this up until he gets fed.
He loves his toys and has had a variety of them since he arrived. During the summer when doors were open all the time he tried to smuggle items inside. He would trot in quickly with a manky chunk of wood or one of his toys that had been rotting in the undergrowth for weeks. We knew by the pace of his trot what he was doing and when he was confronted he would stop with a "oh oh I've been rumbled" look on his face, turn around and take it back outside, only to repeat the performance a few minutes later not realising that someone was waiting for him. It was like groundhog day!

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