8 November 2019

A Full Week

Oh what a week, busy but good.
Monday I had lunch with a friend then took my grandson to his basketball practice in the evening.
Tuesday was the Salvation Army followed by my art club.
Wednesday was my WI meeting. 

We decorated the church with these banners. Our chair made some nice red cards printed with the names of the village men who died in the first and second world wars. We didn't have time to put them on as we were all cold after being in the church for two hours arranging the poppies, drinking tea and eating cake! so our chair is going to put them on later. We also put some poppies in the lawn of the church.
Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. I took her for a meal to the White hart in Little Waltham. It's a very nice pub serving good food with daily and weekly offers, themed evenings, and live music nights.
Today we have been to Lakeside for some retail therapy, my daughter spending her birthday gift vouchers and me buying a lovely pink coat from Primark.
My week will be rounded off with an Indian meal tomorrow evening with a friend.
I think I will spend Sunday on the sofa finishing my current book :-)

Be well ~ 
Polly x


  1. I haven't heard very much about Poppy Day this year, probably because I haven't ventured into town. The quality of pub meals these days is constantly high - if not they go out of business!

    1. You're so right John, and we the customers benefit from their special offers.

  2. The poppy banners are beautiful. I just did my Nov. 11 post but we don't really have the poppies over here. I wish we did -- I love them.

    1. Hello Jeanie, we were very pleased with them, and the congregation always like what our WI does. I have just read your beautiful, moving post.

  3. Sounds like a lovely week. Old churches do get terribly cold though.

    1. I'll swear it was colder in the church than outside! There is heating but I don't think it had been put on.


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