6 September 2019

Buster's Diary

Polly didn't enjoy this morning's walk, she was ill prepared for the chilly wind, she felt cold. She was also tired from a long and busy day yesterday.

September already! Hope you've had a good summer. We have enjoyed it, one or two days got a bit hot, Polly just stayed indoors trying to keep cool, and so did Rufy and me, otherwise we enjoyed laying on the cool grass - Rufy and me, not Polly! 

Polly sprayed me again, to ward off the harvest mites. When she got the spray home and took it out of the bag she didn't think it was the correct one  but tried it anyway. It has sort of worked but not as good as previous years, I have a few bites on my lower legs. She will make sure the vet gets the right one next year.

So what's new? well the big news is...............

MY SOFA HAS GONE!! It was called mine because I used it more than anyone. It was in a room that was originally a study/den. It was a cheap sofa and not particularly comfortable so it didn't get used by humans much. That room then became a craft room for Polly to do her sewing, painting and dolls house work. And recently she has put another table in there so the sofa had to go. 

What else?
crops have been harvested

blackberries are turning from red to black

the bonfire is still burning

Polly found this torn balloon blowing around in the hedgerows so she brought it home and put it in the bin. She didn't want to leave it in case it got caught round an animals leg, antlers or mouth. Some people are so irresponsible to just let balloons float off into the sky. 

A windy day

We always have a good sniff round the badger's sett

And a reminder that we have had some lovely sunny hot weather.

Hope you have a good weekend

~Keep well ~


  1. Nothing like a new sofa. Enjoy!

    1. Hello Michelle, I don't have a new sofa, they didn't replace it, Polly wanted the space for another craft table :-(

  2. Nice photos showing the late-summer landscape. I've had some walks very similar to that in the last week or so - and got some bites on my lower legs too! At least when I got home my sofa was still there!

    1. ha ha Hello John, it's not like they don't have lots of other comfortable places to sleep!

  3. Oh Buster, I'm so sorry your Polly didn't want to join you on your walk. I understand -- cut her some slack. We humans aren't always as good in the cold as you are! Sorry about the sofa (But I bet Polly is doing cartwheels to see it gone!)

    1. Hello Jeanie, she is pleased with the extra space she has now.

  4. Thank you, Buster - enjoyed the seasonal shots!


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