22 September 2019

Brighton, Toys And Tat

Tucked in the early Victorian railway arches underneath Brighton Railway Station is a truly magical attraction full of childhood dreams and memories, an enchanting collection of toys from days gone by. The Toy and Model Museum founded in 1991 is home to one of the finest collections in the world. There are over 10,000 exhibits on display, including collections of toys from the golden age of British and European toy making, plus a rare gorgeous vintage model train collection.

How lovely is this. 

I was very disappointed that the trains weren't running.
Only one person is responsible for operating them and he isn't there every day.

Behind the scene - the train driver's workstation. Notice the empty custard tart containers!
A man after my own heart.


           Tri-ang vehicles                                          Ambulances and First Aid     

A Lovely diorama of a French classroom

Cowboys and Indians
Tractors and farms

Dolls house dolls                      Tea time

Trippel-Trappel Caesar.
This cute little dog is based on Edward VII's pet who followed the king's coffin during the funeral.

Grocery shop. Bottom left is a packet of Kiddicraft  tiny plastic cigarettes!

Matchbox toys

It's a wonderful collection and this is only some of it.

On the way back I walked through the North Lanes
full of lovely individual shops, coffee shops and eateries. 

This shop was bursting at the seams with all manner of glorious stuff. 
Tat to some, treasure to others .

The owners dog, I think his name is George

I then browsed around the usual high street shops, strolled along the pier,
had an ice cream before boarding the coach for the journey home.

I hope you have enjoyed my trip to Brighton

Be well ~
Polly x


  1. Thank you for taking us along on your journey.

  2. Oh, I just love miniatures, model trains and doll houses! I actually painted model railroad backdrops for a train aficionado back in the early 90s! Thank you for the glimpse at this fascinating collection.

    1. A cousin of mine built himself a model railway, it was gorgeous and took up most of his bedroom. He wouldn't let anyone operate it but we were allowed in to watch the trains travelling!

  3. What an amazing collection of toys! I remember having Matchbox toys and a very basic train set, but most of the others I must recall from gazing in my mother's Kays mail-order catalogue in the months leading up to Christmas.

    1. Hi John, I remembered a lot of the exhibits from my childhood, I didn't own many but I did see them around, probably like you in a mail order catalogue.

  4. I love models and diaramas so much. With your passion for miniatures you had to be in seventh heaven at this exhibit. I would be and I'm not even a collector!

    1. Hi Jeanie, I have just been in seventh heaven, visiting a wonderful collection of dolls houses in Newby Hall, Yorkshire. My daughter and I have spent a couple of days there celebrating my birthday. I will blog about it soon x

  5. Oh wow! I have never liked Brighton very much but this museum is certainly worth a visit. Thank you so much for drawing it to our attention. I just hope it doesn't go the way of so many small museums in the UK. It's one of the reasons mine is in the Czech Republic....

    I am going to enjoy exploring your blog - there is so much in your right-hand column that calls to me....I agree on the terminology for those of us who are older. I rather like the Czech senioĊ™i (seniors).

    1. Thank you for visiting Cestina. I must admit I wasn't totally enamoured with Brighton itself, I went mainly to see the Pavillion, the museum and the older more interesting areas. I hope you enjoy my site. I think I will like yours too.

  6. Wow, what an amazing collection of toys it was wonderful. The trains particularly would have interested my hubby. The last time I was in Brighton was for my daughters hen night several years ago. I really enjoyed pottering around the lanes too.

    1. Hi mama, I have always enjoyed trains, I vividly remember the wonderful steam trains of my childhood.


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